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Jan 9, 2011 05:12 PM

European Goodies Deli

Went to this Polish deli on 49th N St Petersburg. Bought some fresh Kielbasa. It was mildly spiced but I did enjoy it. They have a lot of different sausages - all with Polish names ! Some lunches are served (Polish again !) and pierogies - english here - i want to try the plum. Has anyone tried their offerings ? Suggestions for ordering ? Thanks.

European Goodies
4701 49th St N Ste B, Saint Petersburg, FL 33709

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  1. Yes. I love their deli meats and love the sandwiches they make especially when the bread is real fresh.

    Haven't tried their sausages but keep meaning to . . .

    1. My friend lives a few blocks from there and goes there all of the time. I'll try to remember to ask him tonight at work (3rd shift) what his favorites are from there. He frequents the deli and the liquor store (same owners) next door. I'm interested in the pierogies....haven't had any good homemade pierogies since I lived up in Pennsylvania Dutch country.