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Jan 9, 2011 05:06 PM

Nashville Top 3?

Hi All,

We're a couple of FOODIES headed to Nashville in a couple weeks for a quick Sat/Sun getaway. We aren't far away (in neighboring North Carolina) but aren't remotely familiar with TN in the least. If you can would be greatly appreciated. Flavor and ambience are of utmost importance. We'll be happy to provide feedback when we return. THANKS!

Top 3 Places to Eat?
(No chain restaurants, please. Just local favs. We're open to anything...sushi, burgers, diners, fine dining - you name it!)

Top 3 Places to Eat Near?
We heard there's not much in the way of dining near the G.O.O. Any other hoppin' areas you can recommend? If "downtown", where specifically?

Top 3 Places to Eat near a nice Hotel?
We still haven't booked a place to stay. Sort of wingin' it based on the "Good Eats" that may be close by. Your thoughts?

Looking forward to your responses!

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  1. Top 3 meat-and-3s: Arnold's (traditional and delicious), Southern Bred (updated and delicious), Monell's (family style and delicious)

    Top 3 places to eat near a nice hotel: stay at the Hutton, a pleasant boutique hotel in midtown, and eat at the 1808 Grill (it's the hotel restaurant, but independently operated and IMO one of the top 5 fine dining experiences in Nashville), Bombay Palace (the best non-vegetarian Indian food in town), Monell's

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      Thanks for the response! I'll send some feedback when we return!

    2. The midtown/Vanderbilt area is a good place to base yourselves. Easy reach to the good spots. The good spots are spread around, though. It's hard to tell from your post whether you are looking for a hotel with three good restaurants within walking distance, or whether you are interested in good food regardless of location. There are good recommendations either way, but it would help to get some clarity on your request.

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      1. re: TLF

        We are definitely interested in good food - regardless of location. A nice hotel would be a bonus, but we won't spend a whole lot of time in it. And, if you can recommend a good brewery/micro-brew that would be fun...that would be great. Looking forward to your recommendations! Thanks, TLF!

        1. re: wwur

          Must try Nashville:

          Prince's Hot Chicken Shack
          City House

          You'll find Nashville's own Yazoo at most of the local places around town. They offer tours of the brewery on Saturdays starting around 230-3pm I believe. It's located in The Gulch area of downtown.

          Blackstone (brewpub) and Boscos (brewpub) are worth a shot. I prefer the beer at Blackstone over Boscos, but the food at Boscos over Blackstone.

          I second the rec for Hutton and the 1808 Grill.

          City House
          1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

          1. re: pete k

            Agreed. Arnold's (or, if you're not here on a weekday, Monell's) and Prince's are a must.

      2. definitely try a meat-and-three + a hot chicken place --> arnold's, like everyone said, is a great meat-and-three. for hot chicken, prince's + 400 degrees are my favorites. i actually review a new hot chicken place (pepperfire) on my blog today if you want a little hot chicken background!

        marche' is a brunch, lunch, + dinner restaurant in my neighborhood, east nashville (just a few miles north of downtown). it's got excellent food, a constantly-changing menu, + uses a local of of local meats, cheeses, + produce.

        some of my other local restaurant favorites are cha chah, cafe margot (owned by the same person who owns marche'), watermark, + firefly grill, to name a few.

        hotel-wise, the hutton hotel is what i recommend to visitors (if they don't mind spending a little bit of money.) the restaurant in there, the 1808 grill, i'd call good but not great. i've eaten delicious meals there, but i've also had a few dishes that were just not great. the bar/lounge is fun, so if you don't do dinner there, make sure you try a drink!

        hope this helps!

        1. City House - Rustic Italian in Germantown
          Watermark - Southern Upscale, Gulch
          Samari Sushi - Hole in the wall, great sushi - Elliston Place, near Parthenon
          My list for today

          City House
          1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

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          1. re: WestEndRailNJ

            While I thought Watermark was a little too self-consciously fancy for its own good, not to mention pricier than it really deserved (and it's a chain besides), City House is now the one non-country place in Nashville I want to go back to again and again, preferably with enough time and money to hit all the menu. Thoroughly class act, unpretentious, brilliant and bold flavors, and the big lower room with the open kitchen is both exciting and comfortable, if you don't insist on cushy upholstery!

            We were sadly disappointed with Cha Chah, having followed Mr. Myint's career from a distance for some time, but friends tell us he's finding his groove. We'll have to give him another chance when we're back in town.

            City House
            1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

            1. re: Will Owen

              While I agree with your comments on Watermark. They are not a chain. A local family owns 3 restaurants with different styles. They are Watermark, Fish and Co, and Blind Pig. Similar to Arnold Myint who has Cha Chah, PM and Suzy Wong's House of Yum. I also second your recommendation for City House. Tandy and his staff do a great job

              City House
              1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208