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Jan 9, 2011 03:16 PM

Kosher food in Continental Business First?

I've been lucky enough to get upgrades on transatlantic Continental flights. And I am wondering whether anyone has experience with kosher or vegetarian meals on Continental Business First.

My kashruth observance is such that when I am flying economy, I am happy to choose vegetarian. And I've assumed that in Business First there would be vegetarian or kosher fish options, namely salmon. But the last time I did this, there was no salmon, but rather shrimp. And the pasta choice was quite limited.....

So ---- if you request kosher or vegetarian, do you get one of those sealed airline meals? Just curious.

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  1. Short of flying El Al, every kosher meal ordered is a sealed airline meal. You may get a slightly larger meal, but it will still be a sealed airline meal. If you order a vegetarian meal in coach where the quality difference is small, you will almost certainly be happier with a vegetarian meal in business where the quality difference is much larger.

    1. I flew Continental Business First to Israel and the kosher meal is sealed, as per requirements of the Kosher supervision, but the meal is different than what economy passengers receive. It's a bit bigger and a little bit nicer meal, from what I recall.

      1. But beware! If you are bumped from economy to business because of your frequent flyer status, make sure that they don't take your kosher meal off the plane. That has happened to DH several times and to our entire family once. We would have traded the fancy seats for those icky deli sandwiches in a heartbeat. (In other words, never travel without bringing some food.)

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          Thanks ---

          Of course, I realize the kosher meal has to be sealed; I should have said the SAME not-very-good kosher meal as in economy. (This is why I usually opt for vegetarian; also who wants to be basari when there's likely to be ice cream around....)

          And as you say, never travel without some food in the carry on.

          Thanks all!