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Jan 9, 2011 02:45 PM

South Texas/Hill Country Winery

My boyfriend and I are interested in checking out a Hill Country Winery but I would like to also like to have a good meal... any recommendations for a good winery with great food? I would also be interested in hearing in restaurant recommendations in Fredericksburg. We have done German there- of course- so I would like to try something else. Thanks for your thoughts.

Hill Country Cafe
806 Main St, Kerrville, TX 78028

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  1. There are a number of wineries near Wimberley, notably the Mandola Estate Winery in Driftwood. We stopped in for wine, but the restaurant hadn't opened yet when we were there. The Mandolas make some great food in Houston, though!

    1. I really like going out to HIll Top Cafe. It is about 8 miles outside of Fredericksburg. Great food, very casual and down home. You could also visit Becker winery while you are there.

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        Another vote for Hill Top Cafe.

        And Flat Creek Estate Vineyard & Winery isn't too far from there, although it is on the other side of Marble Falls. Marble Falls has some pretty good restaurants. You might look up toward that direction. It's beautiful, winding countryside, and there are several options for things to see and do.

        At Flat Creek, there's a bistro on the premesis, and they offer tastings, classes, wine dinners, etc. The owners are caring, delightful, knowledgeable people. All in all, it's a lovely stop. In fact, Flat Creek was named as one of Food & Wine magazines, "50 Most Amazing Places to Taste Wine in America."

        If I were you, I'd definitely consider it as an option.

        Hill Top Cafe
        10661 N US Highway 87, Fredericksburg, TX

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          another vote for tasting wines at Flat Creek.

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            I tried to look at the menu for Hill Top Cafe but the link is no good- what kind of food do they have or what do u recommend?

            Hill Top Cafe
            10661 N US Highway 87, Fredericksburg, TX

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              Down home food. Lots of chalkboard specials. Owners have strong ties to Louisiana, so there is plenty of cajun influence as well. (they make their own Boudin) favorite appt is the Oysters Bruton.

              it is not a fancy place (out in the middle of nowhere in an old roadside service station. Owner is a blue's musician so there have been many of Texas musicians stop in over the years.

              Auguest E's is in Fredericksburg and also has good food. It is white table cloth...but vwas overpriced.

        2. My recomendation would be to do this as a two day trip (from SA or Austin) with an overnight stay in Fredericksburg. I'd do the 281 wineries (north of Johnson City) one day and the 290 ones (Johnson City to Fredericksburg) the next.The Texas Hill Country Wineries website has a map ( ) detailing the wineries and can link to individual wineries as well. The last time we did this was almost two years ago so I'm reluctant to make suggestions re. winery food offerings (most of what we had were tapas/cheese plates).
          If you're overnighting in Fredericksburg, I'd check out The Nest and August E's. If you don't mind being out of town and spending a bit more, consider staying at Rose Hill Manor ( where they also have a great dinner menu Wednesday-Sunday.
          Enjoy your hill country trip and let us know what you found!!

          August E's
          203 E San Antonio St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

          Rose Hill Manor
          2614 Upper Albert Rd, Stonewall, TX 78671