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Jan 9, 2011 01:19 PM

Searching for Balinese ingredients

I just got a Bali cookbook, and now the search must begin for these ingredients that I haven't seen anywhere before. After a thorough search of my nearest Asian grocery store (HT Oaktree), these are the things I'm still trying to locate :

Banana flower (aka banana blossom)
Banana heart / ares / banana trunk
Cassumunar ginger / bangke ginger
Cincau jelly
Ginger buds / wild ginger flower / torch ginger
Kaffir limes (the actual fruit, not the leaves - those are easy to find)
Leprous lime
Lime solution / lime paste / limestone powder
Lombok chilis
Long pepper
Pindang water
Salam leaf / Indonesian bay leaf
Water spinach
Winged bean

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. I shop at little further north, 99Ranch and Star Produce (near 99 and 200). I've seen the banana flower at both. I've seen the lime paste at star; I don't recall if I've seen it a 99. 99 has a section of Indonesian and Maylay canned/bottled goods, which may overlap your needs. Star has a good selection of herbs, many in plastic bags in boxes on the floor below the cooler with cilantro and such. But they are not labeled.

    1. I'd give HT Market on Aurora north a try for some of these but it sounds like a tough list to find around here.

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        Wow, that is a deep list! I have two other thoughts, but both of these will be a little off target. Mekong Rainier is my go-to source for SE Asian ingredients, and I seem to recall seeing banana blossom there before. There is also Seafood City, the Filipino supermarket in Southcenter.

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          I'd already thoroughly searched HT before posting this. These are the things I couldn't find there.

        2. Have you tried any of the Asian grocery stores on Jackson? Bit of a long shot but worth a try. There's Viet Wah, Hau Hau and forgetting the name of the third one all close to the intersection of Jackson and 12th in the ID. I guess Uwajimaya is also worth a try.

          600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

          1. Just saw that you're looking for long pepper. I've bought it from Mountain Rose Herbs online but they don't seem to always have it...good luck!

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              I wonder if any local Indian groceries carry long pepper? I might look next time I'm at JD's (Lynnwood).

              1. re: paulj

                I'm a regular at the Bellevue stores and I haven't seen long pepper there. Perhaps asking for it by it's Indian name, Pippali, will help? Never been to JD's. Though long pepper is native to India, it's not used that much anymore. I'm curious to learn how it;s used in Balinese cooking!