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Jan 9, 2011 01:17 PM

Picasso or Sage or Bartolotta?

My daughter and I are foodies and this will be our first visit to LV. For our last night in LV we were planning to go to Alex. Just got notification that it is closing! Would you sugggest Picasso, Sage or Bartolotta instead? Both food and atmosphere are important to us. Any advice would be wecome!We are going to L'Atelier Joel Robouchon on our first night and will be in LV for 4 days and planning on eating our way through the city! Thanks in advance for advice!

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  1. I've been a big fan of Alex for the past few years, and was so sad to hear that it is closing. I'm not a big fan of Picasso, but when I return to LV this April, I'm planning to try Sage.

    1. I have not eaten at Bartolotta, but we just returned today from LV and we ate at Sage last night. It's a very different type restaurant from Picasso. Sage is much less formal in it's decor and service and atmosphere. I loved our dinnner at Picasso a few years ago, and though it turned out very very pricy (don't let your server choose the wine!) we did consider it a high point of places we have eaten in the world. With a view of the Bellagio fountains and eating amongst actual Picasso's this is a place to hav e a special occasion meal.
      With Sage, i thought our food was delicious but the feeling and decor is much more relaxed.
      They offer a four course tasting menu and we ordered a six course tasting menu featuring fish and vegetarian dishes. Many were from the menu and a few whipped up for us. I can write more detail about our dinner later but it was wonderful and we left both satisfied and not overly full. The cocktail list was fun and I loved the Hangar Tea Martini and our server was first rate. It's a looser place to dine but the food was wonderful. I'll post our dishes a little later.
      Hope this helps you to decide.

      3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

      1. I would pick Sage of those three. We created our own tasting and ordered something like 8 or 9 small plates. The poached egg and the sweetbreads were highlights.

        Picasso was good but seemed kind of tired.

        The food at Bartolotta was very good but unless you get one of the cabanas, the atmosphere is a bit lacking. The evening we dined there, the downstairs portion of the restaurant was closed so we were upstairs. The view of the mall outside is a bit distracting.

        In November we had the parallel tasting at Aureole in the Swan Court. Wifey and I both thought this meal was the best of the trip, even (slightly) beating out our usual favorite of L'Atelier.
        Auereole is also on so you can save $50ish that way too.

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          Thanks zippyh! I think we are going to try Sage. Your review was very helpful!

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            The market oysters were ouststanding.
            The yellowtail crudo, the lobster angliotti, and the charred octopus dish were standouts for us.
            I'm forgetting one dish he added caviar to that was also excellent.

            The dessert they brought was a pana cotta that i had one bite and stopped. It was a tiny two or three bites and i didn't want to waste the calories for a dessert I didn't care for.

            They need to improve the bread choices, one was bread with bacon ( which i couldn't try) the other was just a bland sourdough role. Then later on when we were trying to enjoy the last of a sauce we asked for more bread and they were out of everything but some really boring white bread. I felt the choices were not on a par with the rest of the dishes and they should improve their offerings in this area. Their complex sauces and ingredients deserve a better bread choices.

            Also since we ordered a 6 to 8 tasting menu, the dessert choice was incredibly boring, the signature menu had better choices. Our meal was excellent and this would be the only dissappointment we had during our dinner.

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              Oh yeah, thecharred octopus was exceptional and I don't usually like octopus that much.

        2. Sage without question.. Call in advance and see if they can prepare a tasting menu for you.. I believe that is what UHockey did on his recent visit.. His review is posted on here.. Just make sure to get the foie gras custard brulee.. This dish cannot and should not be missed!

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            will do! thanks to all for your help!