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Jan 9, 2011 10:35 AM

Delhi Grill in Islington [London]

This got mentioned (by me) on another thread but someone pointed out it perhaps deserves one of its own.
Obviously Lahore Kebab House and Tayyabs get a lot of the plaudits for good curry in London and I'm a huge fan of both.
The Delhi Grill is Indian (the others two are Pakistani) but they actually have quite similar menus with seekh kebabs, lamb chops, chicken tikka and tandoori and samosas to start and classic Chicken Karahi, Rogan Gosht, Chana and Dhal as mains. They also offer a fish pakora which was excellent and is usually up as a special.

As a huge fan of that sort of food I've been totally blown away by the Delhi Grill - the food really is top class and bears comparison with the two famous east end restaurants. As I know a lot of chowhounders are staying in hotels in the west end, Angel tube is quite a lot more convenient than Whitechapel to get to and from.

They also sell sandwiches outside during the day and the Evening Standard put those in the top 10 in London last week.

Until recently you didn't have to book but we went back on Saturday and they were turning people away so it's probably advisable to do so at the weekends now.


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  1. ive been wanting to make it here! i saw a post on bellaphon's blog + it looks great, also i live in hackney so this isnt v far away

    1. Nice find! What sort of sandwiches do they sell?

      1. In related news, I went to the cinema in the mall in Wood Green last night and they've only gone and opened another Lahore Kebab House in it. Will visit soon to see if it lives up to its older brother, but nice to have the option. And this Delhi Grill, sounds brilliant.

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        1. re: chief1284

          is it related to the one on umberston st...? seems like lahore kebab house is kind of a common name

          1. re: t_g

            Yes, yes. Fear not. They also have a Streatham branch. They list them all on the entrance in Wood Green. Either that or they trying to pull off one of the biggest passing offs ever.

            It looked nice too.

            1. re: chief1284

              Really? Why did I now know this? Maybe it's new.

              *goes off to investigate*

              1. re: chief1284

                Streatham branch you say? It's actually kind of depressing how happy that news makes me...Love South London, but it is hardly awash with A grade South Asian options.

                1. re: Samuelinthekitchen

                  I love Khan's in Brixton for my loc al curry house fix.

                    1. re: Samuelinthekitchen

                      Chana puri, pumpkin masala, mirchi lamb, vegetable dhansak are my favourites.

                      1. re: greedygirl

                        greedygal - i doubt very much that khans gives you the real dhansak, tasty as their version may be. and as you are an excellent cook, i'm going to post a recipe for you in the home cooking board. its a bit daunting, but oh so well worth it.

          2. just had lunch at delhi grill today.

            based on todays random sample, i'd rate it between good and great.

            two of us had: chicken tikkas, seekh kebabs, mutter paneer, bhindi, dal, rogan josh, rotis.

            bland seek kebabs, the only real downer. meltingly tender chicken tikkas, cooked in the tandoor as in india (why do the pakistanis grill them over charcoal and dry them out?). but the tikkas were missing a shade or two of spicing, i couldn't put my finger on it.

            mutter paneer - standout dish - cows milk paneer according to the waiter, but i would have sworn this was proper buffalo milk paneer. anyway, tasted like home.

            excellent pili dal - no fuss, but just as it should be. classically rendered.

            bhindi - fresh, vibrant and properly punjabi. a little heavy handed with the oil, but then thats a common complaint of punjabi cooking.

            rogan josh - outstanding version of the sauce, but the lamb lets it down. if this were goat, i would have run around the block screaming with happiness.

            nice rotis, home made in feel. amost maharastrian chappatis, but not complex enough. nonetheless, a welcome change from naan etc.

            summary: tayyabs still remains the king of seekh kebabs. but if you want to understand the indian genius with vegetables, delhi grill will take you a good portion of the way there.

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            1. re: howler

              Just had a pretty awesome dinner here, based on loosely Howler's recs: lamb chops - tender and spicy; tandoori paneer - nothing like paneer i've had before, almost like mozzarella. rogan josh - amazing, nothing like the usual curry house version, very rich but possibly a little too heavy on the cloves? Chicken karahi - reasonably moist chicken breast pieces (and off the bone, friend's choice), loads of black peppercorns in the sauce. Bhindi was actually spectacular. Rice, roti, beer, less than £20 a head. Fab.

              1. re: gembellina

                "Bhindi was actually spectacular"

                yes, yes that's the point! it is easy to cook the meat dishes, but the veg dishes take actual skill!

                glad you had a good meal.

            2. My recent trip was maddingly inconsistent.

              Lamb chops were poorly seasoned, I mean my non-adventurous, doesn't like spicy food Mom would have found them bland. No char either.

              Bhindi was excellent. Best of what we ordered. Tarka dhal was good too.

              Wings, sheekhs, tandoori paneer were all so-so. Nothing that great.

              Rogan gosht was very good.

              I like the vibe and location, but couldn't go back based on the above. Was it an off night?


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              1. re: CTownFeedR

                Sounds like it unless it was a failure of expectations management.

                I've only ever had superb food there.

                1. re: ManInTransit

                  I expected to have flavorful, punchy food which I consistently get at their competitors. If they couldn't deliver on that then its not a failure of my expectations but a failure of their execution.

                  1. re: CTownFeedR

                    I suppose my experiences were based mainly on the rogan gosht, fish pakora, chicken karahi, bhindi and the tarka dhal - all of which you liked or didn't try.
                    I'd have to disagree on the lamb chops which were as good as Tayyabs in my view.

                    I would like to say give it another go but personally I tend not to bother once I've had a mediocre experience somewhere as there are too many other places to try.

                    Otherwise perhaps it was an off night or they simply don't do the options you chose very well.

                    I didn't mean to sound flippant about expectations but I was blown away by Tayyabs when I first went as I had no idea what to expect compared to Lahore when I was well aware of what was coming. It took a lot of visits for me to realise I preferred the latter.