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Jan 9, 2011 09:52 AM

Greedy owner (again) drives customer away

I haven't been to Baileys in a long time because of numerous problems encountered in the past (too many to re-list so go see my prior post: However, I was forced to go back by my friends who swore the restaurant is now good.
Oh well, here goes:
1. Salad - each dinner comes with a pretty big salad. I guess that's good, but the waitress never told us we were getting salad so we were not able to pick our choice of dressing, if you can call what they put on the lettuce "dressing." It was bathed in vinegar and that's it. It was inedible.
2. While we were "trying" to eat the salad, our meal came out (but I guess that is a good thing, too, because we didn't have to finish the vinegary salad).
3. BBQ sauce was not on the table as a staple condiment. Are you kidding me? THIS IS (supposed to be) A BBQ PLACE. I asked for some BBQ sauce and luckily they did not charge me for it like they did the last time, but what I was given was (1) the smallest little cup of BBQ sauce and (2) liquid that was pure vinegar with red coloring - inedible.
4. The worst part was the soda. No, it wasn't flat or they didn't promptly fill my order, but when I got my bill, I saw that I was charged each time I asked for some more soda. First of all, the sodas we got came in a little plastic cup filled with ice and at least the waitress could have told us before that there were no refills instead of simply continuing to pad the bill. How cheap can the owner be when he tries to take advantage of customers like that.
Although the food was pretty good (except for the “you've got to be kidding me” salad "dressing" and red colored vinegar disguised as BBQ sauce), I will not be going back there for the principle. That's my only way to voice my displeasure with greedy owners who try to soak its customers for every last dollar.

Baileys Smokehouse
136 Erie Street E
Blauvelt, New York 10913
(845) 398-1454

Bailey's Smokehouse
136 Erie St E, Blauvelt, NY 10913

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  1. hi hot pepppers,

    nc bbq sauce consists of a vinegar-based sauce, here's an article about it:

    the same sauce, with a little sugar, is sometimes used over cabbage to make slaw...maybe that's what they were going for on your salad.

    I've heard good things about this place, how was the q and what did you try?


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    1. re: vinouspleasure

      I have to agree with vino... Not all bbq places use the ketchup based bbq, and some (esp in some regions in south) do not serve extra sauce at all....The first time I had a vinergar based sauce I was soo upset, but LOVE Them now.

      As far as salad, probally was just a lazy cook in the back... and your server didn't seem motivated at all---which can kill a good meal

    2. Those south east coast bbq people get might upset when you put bbq sauce on their meat. They are into the vinegar which is all right by me if they have some bbq sauce available.

      As a Texan i personally like bbq sauce but rarely put it on my meat if it is cooked right as good meat does not need a bunch of sauce to cover the taste. I personally have always had sauce available though when people wanted it, and i put it in cheap plastic squeeze ketchup bottles so it can be poured out as much or as little as the customer wants.... after all this is america and people should get what they want.

      As to the charging per refill thing, i too find it troubling when a restaurant charges me for each refill and will not go back to a place that does not offer free refills. Sure it was standard 20 years ago to charge for refills but that time has long past, if you are going to go against the norm and expect customers to pay for it, then you should warn them.... and not expect repeat business.

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      1. re: badvegan

        free refills is a very regional thing. it may be standard in texas. it certainly isnt in NY. YMMV

      2. Tell me where you guys have been eating! I always get charged when I order another soda and I assumed this was the norm.

        1. I don't expect free refills, not sure its the norm. Sounds like you had a bad server. The glaring omission from your post is a critique of the actual main dishes, but perhaps you were too mad at the poor service to provide an unbiased opinion of the food, other than the salad. I do agree that BBQ joints should have sauce and other condiments on the table.

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          1. re: AdamD

            I always ask if refills are free before I order iced tea or soda. If they're not, I drink water.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Lots of restaurants give free refills on soda. Red Robin and Stir Crazy are two that come to mind. Pretty sure that places like Applebee's does as well (have not been there in a while) and I am sure that all of the similar places also do.

              Stir Crazy Cafe
              4422 Palisades Center Dr, West Nyack, NY 10994

              Red Robin
              2511 South Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

              1. re: MisterBill2

                The places you listed are all chains. It's less common in non-chain places.

                1. re: Shawn

                  OK, that is reasonable. The person I was responding to said he did not know of any restaurants except one chain that he listed. Clearly that is not correct. Bottom line is you should always ask before ordering refills to see if they are free, if that is important to you (I personally ask before ordering). If they keep bringing refills and then charge you, then it's wrong. But the OP said that he asked for them, so the restaurant was not at fault.