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Jan 9, 2011 09:35 AM

What to do with Costco Frozen Tuna Steaks?

We made the mistake of buying a package of Frozen costco tuna steaks. The first time around we seared them with ok results but the second time we just can't get over the fishy smell that they have. They have been in the freezer and we don't think they have gone bad but we can't get over the smell they get from defrosting (properly in fridge). It seems wasteful to throw the whole bag out and short of finding a friend with a cat we are curious what else we can do with them. Any suggestions?

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  1. Burgers or fishcakes perhaps?

    1. Return them to Costco, who wants to eat smelly fish.

      1. rcspott's suggestion of returning them is probably the best way to go. Otherwise I would say try defrosting them more quickly in water. Then coat them in sesame seeds and pan sear, serve with a sauce. Hopefully without sitting in the fridge, and cooking with the sesame the smell will be less.

        1. Remove the frozen tuna steak from the vacuum bag, let defrost in the fridge on a plate/in a bowl, covered with a cloth or paper towel. Drain off liquid and blot tuna, let rest for 2 days up to 5 days.

          I think it is "liquid" that contains the fishy smell, removing the liquid and letting the steak "air" works for me.

          1. I third the recommendation to return them to Costco, they have an excellent return policy.

            I just found a tuna steak I bought fresh, but froze about a month ago, and forgot about. I intend to make tacos with it tonight, sprinkling liberally with cumin and chipotle powder, searing and topping with a mango salsa.

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              What jules127 said.

              COSTCO has a great return policy. I agree that it may be the water, but good tuna shouldn't smell awful.