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Jan 9, 2011 08:31 AM

smoked country ham

Where can I purchase smoked country ham in MSP? I want slices or small pieces for soup and other dishes, NOT a whole ham.

Thanks very much.

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  1. Surdyk's cheese shop carries the smoked mini hams from Fra'mani. They are about 2 pounds, boneless, and are extremely high quality. I cut up a part of one today and threw it into split pea soup for lunch. Fra'mani is one of the very top salumi producers in the country.

    Also you can order ham slices,e tc. from the Nueske's website. Their pork products are quite good.

    1. I buy smoked ham hocks from everett's on 38th and cedar in minneapolis for soup they smoke them there great for soup

      1. Are you looking for small pieces of a salt-cured country ham? If you were look
        Ing for a whole one, I'd suggest Costco. I know they sell whole country hams down south. As for small pieces, I've seen them in sold in Piggly Wiggly stores down there, but have no clue where to find them here.

        If you're just looking for smaller pieces of a "regular" smoked ham. I buy Cooks ham steaks for that purpose.

        1. I have never seen real country ham this far north.

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            Thanks, everyone. Yes, I am looking for real smoked country ham---the kind you can get down south.

            Does anyone know if the ham Michael suggested (Fra'mani from Syrdyk's) is somewhat similar? I want to use this in very small quantities for pea soup, scalloped potatoes, and in other dishes where ham is present in small quantity for flavoring purposes.

            Thank you.

            1. re: soccermom13

              Fisher farms has fabulous fabulous smoked ham. Great for dinner, sandwhiches, and I used mine for split pea soup also. You can buy a whole one directly from the farm or from golden fig in St Paul on Grand.

          2. Fra Mani is not a "country ham" nor is the Fischer Farm product. They do not require presoaking to reduce salinity as the country ham you're referring to does. I would look into mail order. They definitely travel well and do not require refrigeration as they're shelf stable.

            Some of the co-ops carry hams that have not been denuded of cover fat. They are "naturally cured" meaning no sodium nitrate, have spent at least one week in the pickle (brine), and are smoked with real wood. All in all delicious. local, and clean (no pharmaceuticals or chemical cures). They're not as red as a country ham gets, which is a function of the salt curing process.