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Jan 9, 2011 07:53 AM

The Daily Catch

How is this North End restaurant?

Daily Catch
2 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

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  1. I was there several years ago and quite liked it much more than the other branches. i especially like the squid. But again, that was several years ago.

    1. It's been a few years since I ate there, and I only ate there once, so by no means take this as definitive, but...

      What I remember was overcooked pasta served in undercooked/watery tomato sauce. Flavors were fine and the seafood was tasty enough, but I'd want no part of the pasta in the future.

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      1. re: emannths

        i eat little pasta and when i do i ask that it be cooked al dente; most restaurants comply.

      2. You will find a lot of older reports on this board, and from my own search several months ago I found that the majority of reports were positive. We went there on that recommendation and had a very good meal. I didn't have any problems with overcooked pasta and their dishes with squid ink pasta are quite tasty. I was really pleased with the squid ink pasta, Puttanesca style. A very rich, lusty sauce with lots of anchovy butter and peppers. The major issue is that the wait to sit can be extremely long, and you will see that most don't feel the other Daily Catch locations compare with this one, so be prepared to be patient.

        1. Your note refers to the North End restaurant but your address is for the Seaport Location in the court house. You may want to clarify to be sure prople comment on the right location.

          1. I like their fish and mussels better than the pasta. I prefer trattoria Toscana for pasta.