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Jan 9, 2011 07:47 AM

Need help with 'halfway' meeting point off Turnpike

Trying to find a good location for a family meeting. Two of us are in the Cherry Hill/Mtl Laurel area, and the other two are in Goshen and Purchase (NY) area. The ideal location would be right off the Turnpike. A restaurant where we could sit for at least 2 hours, that is fairly quiet. My brothers are not much for ethnic food, so I would rule that out. Also not looking for anything too fancy or elegant, as this will likely not be the happiest of meetings. (discussing our elderly parents) :-((

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  1. mschow - Halfway on the Turnpike looks to be the area of Woodbridge, Elizabeth and Newark. Since your family doesn't want to do ethnic, that knocks many of the available options out of the box. I'm sure it's not what you were looking for, but Harold's Deli is conveniently located right off of Exit 10. I'm sure others on the board have alternate suggestions. Good luck with your discussion.

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      Another vote for Harold's Deli/Restaurant right off Exit 10 in Raritan Center. Everyone will have plenty of leftovers to bring home. I dare you to finish one piece of the chocolate cake split four ways.

    2. Close to halfway is New Brunswick (10 min off turnpike) which has a wide variety of restaurants.

      1. Mschow, for your meeting you will need at least two hours, likely more. Been there done that :(
        I think your best bet would be the Skylark Diner in Edison. Think of a diner on steroids, not your typical place.
        Spacious tables for conversation, large menu, much of it with a nice twist.

        Here is some info and location, a short drive from the Turnpike. Hope the meeting goes well.

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          Good rec...the conversation may be tough, but the food will be good.

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            And the conversation may be aided by their speciality martini cocktails

        2. Thinking about this again. I agree that Exits 9 and 11 offer the best restaurant choices, though you may need to travel a few miles (Skylark is 4 miles from the exit). If it is important to keep it simple, there are hotels with restaruants right off the turnpike at exits 9 (Hilton) and 12 (Holiday Inn). Exit 12 is probably the quickest on-off turnpike exit.

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            At exit 8 is the Days Inn which has a good reputation for its lamb chops. (Search this board for threads about it.) I've never been there myself, though. It is on rt. 33 east, within sight of the exit.

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              The Days Inn spot is called Basil T's. It was a few years ago (retirement dinner party of about 20), but I remember the food was pretty good. Better than expected, and honestly priced. Basil was actually working the line that night.

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                It's actually Basil's Legends at the Days Inn. Basil T's is in Red Bank.

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              Thanks for the info. Exit 12 is actually a meeting spot we use to meet friends and relatives when we go into NYC. We usually leave a car at the McDonalds or the BK and go in together to the city. Very easy off and on, but does anyone know if there is any sort of restaurant in that immediate area? We were looking for something better than BK or McD.

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                There's a diner at exit 12 popular with Cararet locals, Kinda a dive.
                I love the name, Bus Stop Luncheonette.

                Bus Stop Luncheonette
                793 Roosevelt Ave, Carteret, NJ 07008