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Jan 9, 2011 07:13 AM


I decided to grab lunch from Edmart yesterday, I had never tried the place. I should have turned around and walked out upon walking in and hearing, "We've been on the food network". I ordered corned beef on rye with mustard and the guy behimd the counter asked if I wanted the lunch special for $9.99 (none of the sandwiches on the board had prices) which consisted of a sandwich, chips and a soda. Noticing the great selection of chips (Zapp's, etc.) I said sure. While making the sandwich the guy said pick out your chips and soda and bring it to the register. I said any, right? NO, the small Utz and a can soda. Uh, ok. Paid. Got out to the car, looked at the sandwich and wanted to walk back in with and go, "seriously?" It was the smallest sandwich I swear and also, dry, barely any mustard. Needless to say I was still hungry after eating it. I've tried Edmart, I won't be going back to Edmart, I should have just gone to Attman's where I am never disappointed.

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  1. Edmart hand-cuts its lox (rare in these days) and has belly lox (yeah!), and whole whitefish. Their Romanian pastrami is awesome. But I know how you're feeling--there seems to be different prices, portions and quality for different customers. And after a while, I got sick of that sensation of not knowing what I was going to get and, on occasion, feeling swindled. And that's why they haven't been seeing much of me the past few years.

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      I speak as an occasional customer who certainly gets no special treatment. Look, if you want a huge, "can't be eaten in one sitting" sandwich, go to the Carnegie or the Stage. (It'll take a little while to get to NY, though.) But if you're looking for a great pastrami or corned beef sandwich that is really tasty and a reasonable size, the Edmart can't be beat in Baltimore or anywhere nearby.

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        I am not a large person and certainly don't need a mile-high sandwich but this was totally weak. Won't be going back, Attman's is way better IMO.