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Jan 9, 2011 05:27 AM

SoupeSoup Review (JT Market Location)

A nice bowl of warm soup sounds just about perfect on a cold winter day, which is why we wandered into this cramped little restaurant.

The menu looked appealing enough, but I was taken aback by the prices (nearly $9 for a whole sandwich?). My mole and bean soup was greatly lacking in flavor, and my husband's beet soup (not sure of the technical name) was more like watered-down borscht. The sandwiches were fair enough, but the price didn't justify the simple bites. Here's a more precise breakdown:

Sandwiches: fair, but overpriced.

Soup: should be much better for a restaurant named "SoupeSoup"

Service: awful. After being served (and amidst chewing), we were asked to move over, so that another couple could share our table. I'm not opposed to sharing a table, but nobody likes to move to the side mid-chew.

Total Bill Price: $35...for two sandwiches and two soups.

Repeat Worthy: not a chance.

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  1. I went to the Crescent location two weeks ago and was equally unimpressed. The pea soup was much more like a pea mash than a soup. I make a better product at home in ten minutes! The grilled cheese was ok, but again, not difficult to make a better one at home. I agree also that the prices are a bit exagerated.

    1. I've never been to any... but I'm not surprised. I bought the Soupsoup book and she (the owner) says inside that they almost never use any broth... just water, salt and fresh herbs to give the soup flavors. I was curious so I still tried some recipes without adding broth... and that gave what you're describing !

      Next time you need a good soup, head to Olive + Gourmando. You'll pay the same price, but for something absolutely amazing with top quality ingredients. But you probably now them already.

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        I second that. Olive and GOurmando makes an amazing soup and sandwich combo!

        1. re: Glaff

          You know, I used to live right near Olive + Gourmando, but I've never actually eaten there! Since I love a good soup+sandwich combo, I am going to take your suggestion! Thanks! :-)

        2. where do you go to get your soup fix downtown? i only know la brioche dorée in pvm

          1. I went a couple of times to the one on Crescent, I did enjoy the soups and sandwiches I had over there, although I agree it’s a bit on the expensive side.

            But my biggest complaint about that restaurant, especially the branch on Crescent, is that if you head there passed 12:15, sometimes half the choices are missing.