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Jan 8, 2011 09:01 PM

Fairway Stamford

What are the crowds like at Fairway Stamford? I have to be in Stamford for work tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, was wondering what it's like around 4 p.m.

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  1. We went last Sunday. It wasn't bad at all. Certain areas, like the deli counter, were definitely busy but they worked very hard to move everyone along. Even the sit down/prepared food area moved nicely. No line at checkout. It was fine.

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      Thanks! With your encouragement, I went today. Easy to park near the Exit, which is much more useful ultimately than parking near the Entrance. Place was very manageable, especially when I left my cart to make forays down aisles. Didn't have to wait anywhere (grains, coffee, meat counter, breads) where service was needed, and the deli wouldn't have been bad if I'd wanted to go there.

      My only problem (not a complaint--it's my problem) is that I got kind of lost and had trouble keeping track of where I'd already been in the store. Because of the way the aisles are set up, it's easy to get turned around. There are so many different nooks and crannies, I think I'd need to go a few more times to get a sense of the best traffic patterns for me. In general, I prefer either a small-sized manageable space--like Trader Joes--or the one long wide aisle of Stew's where I never have to worry I might forget or miss something. I know that isn't everyone's favorite way to organize a store, but it's mine.

      Meanwhile, I stocked up on loads of food, some that's hard to find other places (at least with the wide selection) and some that I usually have to go to several different places to get. Plenty of fresh things too. I'll definitely go back when in the area.

      Only downside to Sundays is that the wine store is closed.