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Jan 8, 2011 08:01 PM

Suggestions in the 7th?

Our adult family of four will be renting in the 7th (Rue de Grenelle) the week of February 28th through March 8th. Our son doesn't want a "plan" for dinner every night, but a few suggestions might help. My husband and I love good food and I speak some French so we will not be shy about places where English is not spoken. Food over atmosphere is our preference and we don't want to dress up. We'll be coming off a month long trip in Egypt.

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  1. I would suggest a plan with reservations in advance if you're interested in good food. What's your budget and preferred style of cuisine and restaurant? Wandering around and trying to "pop in" often leads to disappointment.

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      "Wandering around and trying to "pop in" often leads to disappointment."
      Too true.
      Good casual eateries also fill up early. If you do not want to be disappointed, you need to reserve.
      The 7th is a very well-covered arrondissement in this forum. After you search and find things that interest you, please come back and ask for more details.
      Most Paris restaurants are casual. There is no dress code purr say. But if you can manage a shirt and non-shorts and non-tennis shoes, - I would not call any of this dressing up, - you will at least not stand out like someone with "tourist" tattooed on the forehead. Bon séjour.

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        Thank you all for confirming my belief in reservations. My husband and I always make them when just the two of us travel and we do not want to be disappointed with our week in Paris.
        I will re-review the forums on the 7th. How long a street (miles?) is Rue de Grenelle? I am trying to stay within a 15-20 minute walk for our evening meal. After a day of sightseeing we won't want to venture too far.
        We won't be wearing shorts/tennis shoes, etc. The boys just don't want to take a jacket.

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        Our budget would be between 75-100 euros a person. Except for organ meat, we like everything, especially fish. Italian with a French twist might be fun to try in Paris. Bistros sound like the type of place we four would enjoy.-

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          Sorry, I inadvertently replied to the wrong person!

          Our budget would be between 75-100 euros a person. Except for organ meat, we like everything, especially fish. Italian with a French twist might be fun to try in Paris. Bistros sound like the type of place we four would enjoy.

        2. No reservations are taken at Les Cocottes or Café Constant; both are casual and in the 7th on Rue St. Dominique which is the next street towards the Seine from Rue de Grenelle. They both serve above average food.

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            Both of those places sound wonderful and just our style.

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              I like the Constant places. They're not fabulous, but quite tasty. I think the preparations are a bit better at Cafe Constant. You might also like Constant's La Fable de la Fontaine, which is a fish restaurant, but I would reserve there, since it's small and popular, same with Violon d'Ingres (another Constant place with a more diverse menu). By the way, rue de Grenelle is quite long and extends into the 6th.

          2. Rue de Grenelle is a very long street that crosses most of the 7th; there must be over 20 cafes and restaurants on that street alone. Can you be more specific as to your location?

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              Our apartment is at 199 Rue de Grenelle. My ideal food day would be to have breakfast in (maybe grab a croissant at a nearby bakery) hit the streets for a day of sightseeing, have a late lunch out, come back to the apartment for a rest and then walk to dinner. On the days we have a late lunch, we girls would probably just want soup or salad with bread and wine, but the fellows would want a full dinner.

            2. My favorite place to dine is at Le Florimond in the 7th and the food is exquisite.
              I would suggest reservations.


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                Wow, what a great menu. I love all the info on the staff, too. It looks just like what we would all enjoy. Thank you!

              2. Everything up to the 11th arron is rarely more than 20 minutes from anything else either by walking or easy metro. You are in a section that has immediately more buildings and residential than stores as Rue Grenelle in the 6th, but still short walk from a lot of stuff. Quite close to Rue Dominique that has many restaurants and great stores, including L'Ami Jean on Rue Malar.

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                  Good to know what the closest streets are. I will forge ahead with some more research and hopefully reservations soon. Thank you.