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Jan 8, 2011 07:41 PM

Yosemite Chefs' Holidays... worth it?

We're thinking of visiting Yosemite for their Chefs' Holidays events this Jan/Feb... has anyone been? Is it "worth it" (which I know is an individual evaluation)? How's the food at the meals -- even though it's a star chef, is it still banquet food for a couple hundred people?


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  1. Can't tell you about this particular event, but our recent dinner at the Ahwanhee was a lot better than we had experienced in the past. So dining is improving in Yosemite. Even the food in the High Camps was pretty spectacular considering everything had to come in by mules.

    1. Did you end up going? We're thinking of doing this.

      1. I have friends who have gone every year for ages. They have high standards on food/service, and yet they rave about the Chefs Holidays. Isn't it by lottery--if so, they've gotten lucky & keep getting reservations (even got weather-stuck one year, and said it was hardly a hardship).

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          Their Christmas Bracebridge dinner is by lottery.

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            That's the one. They must be lucky, 'cause they've been multiple times, and they rave about it.

        2. I have been about 3 times and love it. The gala dinner is excellent and yes, it is "worth it".

          BTW: The Bracebridge used to be by lottery, but is no longer. I believe is used to be just one or two dinners that were put on. Now it is offered during the month of December. We went two years ago and absolutely loved it. Lots more fun then expected and the food was outstanding.