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Jan 8, 2011 06:58 PM

looking for diners in irwin/north huntingdon area

looking for diners in irwin/north huntingdon area. we are new to this area.

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  1. I cannot recall off the top of my head any "diners" in that immediate area. Maybe towards north versailles. How familiar are you with the area in general, I would be happy to give you some recomendations of good to great food. Let me know what you like..

    1. Well, we are new to area first of all, but rely heavily on our gps or mapquest, whatever they are worth. As for eating out, we are a family of 5 plus when in-laws come...therefore we try to find inexpensive buffets or diners (because we like diner food). pretty down to earth people as far as eating out. thanks for your response.

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        Well, welcome to Western Pa (not sure were you ventured from )... I am not too familiar with any diners in the area or buffets, but have a couple places you can try. Downtown Irwin and north Versailles sure might have alot more to offer than i know. Here is my inital suggestions

        Joios' on route 30 .. Italian place, but known for Pizza(either love or hate it)

        Los Camposenos(sp?) mexican place also right off route 30-- was the best in area for a while

        Teddy's (slightly expensive for 5 plus, check specials ) hot bacon dressing is a must try-- meat/seafood

        Norwin HIlls plaza normally has at least one decent place to eat.. but changes every couple months

        All of these are right off route 30 going towards greensburg from irwin.. There is numerous chains all up and down that strip took out alot of the mom and pop places over the years :-(