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Jan 8, 2011 06:40 PM

Ok New Haven Hounds, tell me about the good pizza in New Haven that is NOT Sally's, Pepe's, Modern or Bar...

Step up to the plate New Haven hounds and let's get back to the roots of chowhound...enough debating on the char and thickness of crust etc etc with the big 2 and I'm well acquainted with #3 and #4...what about the other excellent pie joints that are just as good up there in the "pizza capital of the world" that fly under the radar and don't get any coverage on here...? C'mon, let's get a thread going on some of the better neighborhood joints that never get mentioned. Thank you!

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  1. a couple of places is Alfano's in Morris Cove. Haven't been there in a long time, but they made a fantastic pizza. I specifically remember a Clams Casino Pizza that was excellent. The other place is a few minutes out of New Haven over in West Haven, Zuppardi's. Little hole in the wall in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Great place for pizza and clams on the half shell.

    1. Sounds familiar....anyway....Tolli's in East Haven, Zuppardi's West Haven, and Olde World on the Hamden/North haven line (take out only, but worth eating in the car, let me tell you!)

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        A second for Old World (corner of Skiff and Whitney)! we're lucky enough to live nearby - the eggplant pizza is excellent.


        Easy and greasy like Colony in Stamford but before or after a show at Toad's this place hits the pizza buttons for sure.

        1. recently tried Roseland in Derby and LOVED it. Will also gove a X2 to the Zuppardi's suggestion though I think Roseland is better.

          1. Ernie's on Whalley Avenue in Westville, is Wooster Street like, but heavier on the mozzarella. Since I only order with gratede cheese this is not a problem for me.

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              I used to love Ernie's and frequented often when I lived in New Haven. I haven't been there in 5 years or so. Nothing like a pizza and pitcher of beer to hit the spot.