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Jan 8, 2011 06:24 PM

San Juan

We are going to be in San Juan for one day before and one day after a cruise this Feb. Any suggestions on where to eat and go/ We have been to San Juan twice, once we went to Old San Juan and the next time just there in the evening. Is there a Walking Eating Tour? thanks Judy

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  1. This is a walking/eating tour that is done in San Juan. I haven't done it, but I've heard pretty good things.

    1. The Cafe St. Germain in Old San Juan on Calle Sol is a delightful French-style cafe and wine bar that serves really nice local salads (including a delicious ceviche), fresh inventive pizzas, terrific basil mojitos, excellent sandwiches and more. Their menu changes according to seasonal availability. The young owner (I didn't get his name) is very personable and happily chats about his establishment (they've been open four years) and the dining scene in general.

      Because the Cafe St. Germain is in the upper, or residential, section of Old San Juan, the place had a real welcoming neighborhood feeling about it. Definitely recommended.

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        We were there on Jan.14 and second lescaret's comments. They had a special menu due to the street festival up the block but it was consistent with the comments above. Ceviche was excellent and they had a very inventive soup of wild mushroom and brie. There was a line of people outside waiting for a table.

      2. If you go to the end of the page, you'll find links to several threads on San Juan. You can also use the search function on top to locate more threads. It may also be helpful if you give us neighborhoods, cuisine preferences and price ranges.