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Jan 8, 2011 05:55 PM

Los DOS Amigos Market

Has anyone been here? It's at 1371 41st Avenue E and says it opened in 2001. Its listing on another site says it sells: Specialties
latin food , like :
tortillas, tamales, beans,cheese , corn flour , mexican sauces, chorizo, chocolates,horchatas,tostadas, jarritos, pony malta,bakery,dulce panela, yerba mate , aji amarillo , tamal de elote , mexican tamales, salvadorian tamales, queso panela , queso oxaca, crema , arroz de leche, flan, paleta payaso, harina pan para arepas, bunuelina, mazmorra, pan de bono, sopas magui, cubitos y sazonadores , mojo criollo , nopalitos, maiz blanco, especias de toda clase , sidral and importers of latin american food.

If you have, what are your thoughts of the place? Thanks.

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  1. Funny you should mention it. I drove by this place just today. I have always wondered about it.

    1. Went in years ago, in my pre-chowhound days when my eye wasn't attuned. I did remember a kitchen and tables set-up in the back. thx ck for starting this thread because I've been curious about it too.

      1. i've been there a couple times about 5 years ago and while OK, what bugged me about it is the super low turnover. I bought some tamales once and they tasted good but you gotta wonder about how old their stock is...