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Jan 8, 2011 05:09 PM

Looking for a catering hall in Brooklyn

I need to find a catering hall in Brooklyn for a professional society dinner meeting next month. The place we have been using for many years just cancelled on us (they are having more extensive construction than originally planned).
We need a room that would accomodate 100-150 people for a dinner and a speaker presentation. It has to be in Brooklyn, have a parking lot or valet parking, the food can be served buffet, but has to be decent, with a vegetarian option. The price has to be under $30 pp.
One suggestion I got so far is the Bay Ridge Manor. Does anyone have a review to share? Any other suggestions?

Bay Ridge Manor
476 76th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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  1. Grand Prospect Hall perhaps? I've never been but I see them advertise all the time for weddings.

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      We had a really terrible experience at Prospect Hall PLUS the food was horrible. Mgmt was inept at best.

      Michael.s on Nostrand and Ave R is pretty good and has a parking lot. I don't know about the price, but they arranged for kosher dinners for some guests so I.m sure Veg would be no problem

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        Actually, thinking about it, is $30 pp realistic? I don't mean to sound sarcastic, but you might be better off renting out a big Chinese restaurant for this. Maybe places like East Harbor on 65th bet. 7th Ave. & 8th Ave. or Spring Garden on 65th St. bet. 8th Ave. & 9th Ave., both in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, both, I believe with valet. Both, serving pretty good Chinese.

      2. I dont know how you did on this last year, but just to note that a couple times my husbands church has had luncheons at the Bay Ridge Manor for a price of around $35 and he was quite pleased by the food. I was there last month for an evening function (more expensive, appetizer buffet and open bar included) - and the roast beef was quite good - others liked their salmon and chicken. The had a tube pasta in a simple red sauce that was less appealing to me and salad and desserts were ordinary but the space and service were very pleasant.

        1. I have been to 2 parties at Bay Ridge Manor and was appalled at the the food and the service. The price per person is way above 30pp so , go figure. I'm not positive they can hold more than 100 in the party room upstairs but I have been to a few parties at Da Nonna on 7th ave in Park Slope. They deliver every time. Food is excellent and the staff is wonderful. Another idea would be to rent the Stone House in JJ Byrne park and having your event catered.