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Jan 8, 2011 04:07 PM

pickapeppa jamaican jerk seasoning

nope...not the hot sauce, not the marinade.....but the jamaican jerk seasoning. Pickapeppa has an extra something - maybe a tad more thyme, or a bit of tamarind....but anyoos...this jerk seasoning is divine. Anybody spotted any i am half way through the only jar i brought back. Their hot sauce i can find everywhere, but the jerk is the usual grace (not bad) or other,,,,sightings ?

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  1. you can contact thier distributer they may lead you to where to purchase it.

    Raymond Yap Chung
    RYC Distributors Inc
    87 Thornmount Drive #18
    Scarborough, Ontario
    CANADA M1B 5S5
    Tel 416 282 9555
    Fax 416 282 9270

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      I saw pickapeppa jerk seasoning at Ocean supermarket in Mississauga (where the Food Basic used to be at Hwy 10 and Eglinton).

      4557 Hurontario Street,