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Jan 8, 2011 02:27 PM

Have You Tried Costco Lasagne? Alternative take-out suggestions?

Hi, everyone. I'm hosting a small birthday party, but at the last minute found out that I won't have time to cook, so I'm exploring various options. Someone mentioned to me that the frozen lasagne at Costco is really good, but I've never tried it. Have any of you? Regardless, does anyone have any good take-out recommendations for a party of 8? West LA or South Bay would be best. Thanks!!

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  1. They have a nice catering menu for small parties at Mendocino Farms in Marina Del Rey.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      I went to a party that had mini sandwiches from Mendocino Farms and they were excellent. I ate more than my share.

    2. Thumbs up on the Costco lasagna.

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      1. re: monku

        I'm going to second the rec for the Costco lasagna.

        It's a hefty 6 pounds and comes it at under $15. Hard to beat that for both price, quantity and quality.

      2. Thumbs-up on wienermobile's rec. Mendocino Farms' sandwiches (and salads) are really good. Haven't tried Costco's lasagne, but monku's word is Word.

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          If you get the Costco(Kirkland) lasagna get the 6 pound not the two 3 pound lasagna package. Stouffers frozen 6 pound lasagna is pretty good too. It wouldn't surprise me if the Costco lasagna was made by Stouffers because until Kirkland had their own lasagna they sold the Stouffers brand.

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            I can enthusiastically recommend the home made Lasagna at Guidi Marcello. Definitely call ahead to see if the lasagna is available. They offer a delicious lasagna which is very light and offers meat. The other lasagna is vegetarian. Also, delicious. My preference is for the one with meat. This is home made and truly delicious. I have served Guidi's lasagna to my most critical audience; my family. They loved it. Did not try the veg one.

            Guidi Marcello
            1649 10th St, Santa Monica, CA

        2. Another Costco option is the large chicken pot pie. It's really very good. Even better if you brush it with a little melted butter.....

          1. I've been there, done exactly that. Costco's frozen lasagne is very good for... frozen lasagne. What about a big Pollo Loco family size situation? Everybody loves Pollo Loco. Unless you're trying to pretend you cooked the lasagne yourself, cuz everyone will recognize Pollo Loco. ;-)