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Jan 8, 2011 01:05 PM

Fish soups without milk or cream

I am looking for some fish shoup recipes that are not a chowder (ie no milk or cream). I am open to any type of fish.

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  1. There are dairy-free chowders. l've had them in Rhode Island and North Carolina - both of them made with clams. There are also a number of dairy-free fish soups around the Mediterranean, like bouillabaisse and cioppino. Actually, the only place I've had fish soups (and I love 'em) that consistently had dairy was Norway.You've got lots of options.

    1. Pretty much any Japanese or Chinese fish soup would fit the bill as would bouillabaisse, cioppino and caldo de mariscos. Many of the recipes for the former two will be partially judged on your ability to make a very clear broth so that people can see the fish and other things you've placed in your soup.

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        I really like this recipe, and have used it many times with different types of fish and not just carp.

      2. A fish stew using a tomato-based broth is very easy to do, especially if you like spicy food, as it does benefit from a little heat. Any firm white fish will do: just add the chopped fish to the simmered stew for the last seven to ten minutes of cooking time.

        1. Manhattan style chowder - fish stock (or diluted base), onions, celery, bell pepper, diced canned tomato with the liquid, carrot, Old Bay. I like to include diced potato, wild rice, or barley, or to add pre-cooked small white beans.