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Jan 8, 2011 12:42 PM

The Friday Night Dinner Group went to Mirchi Restaurant

Our group went to an Indian restaurant , Mirchi, in Old Montreal on Youville St. last night and we all really enjoyed it. I am not close to being an expert on Indian food, and I know about the many posts here about the excellent Indian restaurants in Parc X. That being said, the food at Mirchi, to my limited experience with Indian food, was delicious.
The Naan was the best I have ever had and this was echoed by everyone that had it. The group (10 people) had everything from assorted traditional appetizers, wonderful soups and terrific mains ranging from Tandori chicken, chicken biryani to different curries.
The only miss was a rice pudding dessert.
The service was excellent and the kitchen sent out dishes of a wonderful vegetable curry (on the house) to spoon onto our mains.
All in all, highly recommended.

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