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Jan 8, 2011 12:31 PM

Bairro Chicken - Calgary

Went there today and tried their Flame Broiled Chicken. Medium Piri-Piri, which had a nice kick to it. Marinated for 24 hours. Bai Rice was good as well.
Loads of specials, probably to kick start the business. 2 quarters, dark meat, $6.35

Also tried their fried chicken, very good as well. The coating was crispy and not starchy at all.

Located at 1919 - 31st Street SE (Just off 17th Ave SE)

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  1. Have you tried the flame broiled chicken at Nando's? Just curious which place tastes better.

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      1. re: miss.foodie

        Hands down Nando's is much better.
        I tried Bairro once...but sadly not impressed.
        Back to Nando's for piri piri chicken.

      2. Is that rice in the container? If so, why?

        Huge fan of piri-piri... I can get it as hot as I like and my gf loves the flavour of the milder stuff. Been to Nando's a few times with average to good results. Thanks for posting the location of Bairro, will have to check it out.

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        1. re: piano boy

          It is Rice, yes. Not sure why they served it in a container though.