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Jan 8, 2011 12:20 PM

White residue after Chinese greens?

I know this is a random message, but I have noticed a trend. When I saute most Chinese greens in either non stick or stainless frying pans (i use olive oil, and add kosher salt), there is a dry white residue in the pan afterward. This happens with greens purchased at the SF Farmers Market, and several other good Asian markets. Has this happened to others? Does anyone know what this is? If you don't, any theories?

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  1. Is this residue salty? And you're saying that this happens with Chinese greens - does that mean you don't have this happen if you cook non Asian greens in the same exact manner ( olive oil and kosher salt ) ? If you're using high heat to saute/stir fry - maybe the residue is salt ? You're making your own salt deposits from the evaporation in the pan. How do you like that explanation? Just a wild guess ........

    1. I have noticed it too, also happens with chard. I think the white residue is minerals from water. My (well) water contains a lot of minerals.

      I don't use salt.