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Jan 8, 2011 11:43 AM

Zero windchill in Chicago

Making Swedish (yellow) pea soup today with smoked butt. What's your cold weather chow today.

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  1. New England clam chowder

    1. I already posted this in the What's for Dinner thread, but I'll repeat it here, since I am sitting near a drafty window in north Chicago. I'm making a ginger glazed mahi mahi, with stir-fried rice with peas and eggs. We'll also clean up the last of last night's spicy fish chowder, and the last of a loaf of asiago pesto bread that I've been trying to keep my greedy fingers off of today.

      Since the meal will take minimal work, I may make a pan of brownies (butterscotch chips in the boyfriends half, and walnuts in mine). That way, I have an excuse to turn on the oven for longer than it takes to warm the bread.

      1. I'm in Chicago as well; went for a two mile walk today like a crazy person. Warming up with a homemade pizza and (critically) wine. Thinking about chicken and dumplings tomorrow.

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          I made chicken and dumplings a couple nights ago....such comfort food. I actually used Ina Gartens pot pie filling (thinned it out a bit) and made dumplings instead of crust.

        2. If only our windchill was zero - it is -32! Oh, well. It is January after all.

          We are having fondue and raclette night at our house. Dessert is warm chocolate pudding cake and creme fraiche.

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          1. re: chefathome

            Perfect for such a cold day. The raclette grill really heats up the room (the wine may have something to do with that, too) and that meal is just beyond all! I always just serve clementines or oranges after raclette dinner, I think I may need to add warm chocolate pudding cake next time! Wow!

            1. re: Nicolette S

              You're right - it IS a perfect thing for blizzard-y weather. The aromas and even just the thought of it - mmmmmm. We should be having fruit after but are pigs yet again this evening...but there is just something so warming about chocolate pudding cake. When you get cozy and warm with it the snow drift problems don't seem to be as bad as they really are and the howling wind seems to almost fade into the background.

          2. Here in Chicagoland we are enjoying a VERY lazy day. Supper will be lasagna that I cooked and froze over the holidays. I'll just add more mozzarella and heat it up in the oven. Wine will warm us up. :) It would be a great day to cook, if I had the energy. I love reading about what folks cook in response to circumstances.