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Jan 8, 2011 09:13 AM

Can't find curry leaves - leave them out? or substitute???

Help! I want to prepare a veggie curry dish tomorrow which calls for curry leaves. There is not a chance that I will find them in Aspen in the next 24 hours. Should I leave them out or substitute something else? I know curry powder is NOT a sub - how about bay leaves? or pine nuts ??

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Hi Nevinn -- I am no expert, but curry leaves (in my opinion) have their own taste -- can't think of anything else close. It's a weird description, but to me it's a "warm" taste -- not hot like a chili, and not exactly smoky, but warm. Anyway, I'd probably leave it out, but if you get the chance to visit an Indian market and get some later, please do -- it's such an amazing taste. This is the recipe that introduced me to curry leaves:; a lot of ingredients, but well worth it.

    1. Yeah, I know of no substitute. Just leave them out. Do know, though, that they freeze well for keeping on hand.

      1. Leave them out. Nothing will approximate the taste of fresh curry leaves.