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Jan 8, 2011 07:39 AM

Tucson area CSA's

I'm interested in maybe joining a CSA and hoping people with some experience in them could help me out.
I think the biggest thing may be the fact that I'm single, so I just don't go thru that much food. Usually have a soup type thing for lunch and there will be a serving of veg in that, plus 2 veg side dishes with dinner, or maybe a salad with a lot of veg as my dinner.
So, i'm wondering if a CSA would make sense for me, or would I be better off just picking up stuff for the week at the farmers market.

Next I've found 3 CSA possibilities and I'm hoping people here belong to them and can give me reviews.

First is Tucson CSA
This one seems like it might be the best value, and have the most possibilities for variety. The one problem I'd have is pick ups are in Tucson and I'm 70 miles away in Rio Rico. So, it's a bit of a hike and adds to the cost.

Next would be Agua Linda Farm
Seems like a decent value, and pick up would be much closer. I've stopped at the farm on the weekend when the farm stand was open to ask questions, but kind of got the brush off from the guy who was there. Which sort of turns me off.

Last is Walking J Farm
They seem to be a bit pricey to me, but offer a variety of different options that include meat in some of the options. Pick up from them is also close to home. I'm going to try and stop by their farm stand tomorrow and check them out.

So, anyone belong to any of these or maybe can suggest another CSA you are experienced with?


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  1. I was actually incorrect about Walking J Farm being pricey. They are actually the least costly of the 3 I listed, I may be getting too old to do math in my head. Sorry about that guys.
    I stopped there today, the owner was very helpful, even though she was kind of busy and I had a million questions. She was knowledgeable and I like the way they are running there farm.
    I am going to atleast sign up for their poultry and egg CSA. I'm not sure yet about the produce CSA, I think it may be too much food for one person, I may do it anyway just to try it out, I'm sure I can give away extra if I can't finish it myself.
    They also have turkey, beef and pork shares, again too much food for just me, but if I can get one of my friends to split a share I'll definitely take a closer look.
    All in all well worth a nice Sunday morning drive to check them out.

    I'm going to try to get to the Tucson CSA one day to atleast check it out. They do have some things I find interesting in their shares. Their hours and the distance just make it a bit tough for me visit.

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      I sympathize, shaharidan! My husband and daughter both will eat only a very narrow selection of veggies and fruits, so I haven't been able to join one, either. But I live in Tucson only part-time, so I can't help you out, but if/when I move there fulltime someday, perhaps we can go in together on one. Perhaps you can contact them about hooking you up with other interested people? Good luck!

    2. I've gone a slightly different route with
      It's a NFP volunteer-run organization that's a rising star, don't know if they deliver to your area. If you like to gamble and be surprised by what you get in your (way low priced) basket, that's a good way to go if they're in your area.