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Seeking Gourmet Stores in Austin region

Hi, I'm coming to Austin to visit Gourmet Grocery Stores that have a good selection of oils, cheeses and specialty/gourmet items. Smaller independents of most interest, will view larger ones too. Thanks, keep shining...Tom

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    1. re: Rene

      Hey thanks so much, I'll check it out. Tom

      1. re: karma belle

        Nice, I've always liked the Hyde Park neighborhood, I'll stop by. Tom

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          I second this. This is a foodie destination for sure. It's like 31 Flavors in that they give you a tastie-spoon for everything in the shop.

        2. There's Savory Spice Shop on W. 6th Street near Blanco.

          1. while not necessarily a gourmet store, phoenicia has a lot of stuff, mostly middle eastern. They have 2 locations, but their south store has more stuff.

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                So does Enoteca

                1610 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

              2. There's always the monster sized Central Market and flagship Whole Foods.

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                  Thanks Verily, when I lived in Austin Ctl Mkt and WFs were both my go to places, looking for the smaller shops to visit. Keep 'm smiling...Tom

                2. Have you been to Wheatsville since the remodel? It's great - lots of high quality, local products. You don't have to be a member to shop there.

                  1. although it only has oils and vinegars, i really like con oglio at the arboretum (right near pottery barn).
                    a groupon lured me in, and i indulged in a lovely white truffle oil and vanilla balsamic.
                    my game plan is to invest in some of the citrus evoos, because they would go really well w/ lots of things.

                    1. MT Supermarket on N. Lamar is a larger store, but an awesome resource for Asian and other international items (including produce) that can be hard to find elsewhere.