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Jan 8, 2011 06:56 AM

contacting food writers

i'm going to be traveling for 4 months, and am looking for recommendations. i know people used to write to rw apple at the times (at least, my mom did) and get international food info and suggestions. i was hoping to do the same, especially because the times has had a lot of article about morocco lately (where i'll be), but i can't seem to find any contact information specific to the dining & wine/travel sections. i'm also looking at saveur, but that seems a little less likely.



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  1. If you have a writer's name, you can call or write them at the publication. Most writers who are at newspaper and magazines answer their own phones...

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      Contact the Editor to reach a reporter/writer.

    2. If I want to reach someone, I find an email for the publication and in the subject line I write something like: For Fred Feretti". I've had good luck with that; telephones are tricky; lots of people don't work in their office all that much.

      1. A lot of food writers are on FB and all I've contacted have accepted friend requests.