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Jan 8, 2011 06:17 AM

Kelowna suggestions

Hello fellow Chowhounders,

This request comes from Ontario. The hubby and I are making first visit to Kelowna in March to see daughter. What are the gems? We like all types of cuisine and are big fans of restaurants serving local products. All price points are open for consideration.
Thanks for your suggestions.

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    1. re: fmed

      The menu looks great! Thanks for the rec.

      1. re: Countygal

        Raudz has earned their reputation, especially when it comes to local sourcing. Also worth taking a look at what Bernard Casavant is doing at the Wild Apple (Manteo Hotel/Resort). And while some of the winery restaurants will not be open yet for the season, Old Vines (Quails Gate), Sunset Organic Bistro (Summerhill) and Grapevine (Grey Monk) are all open year round, and have a particular focus on pairing local products to their wines (Summerhill grows a lot of their own produce, organic).

        1. re: QAW

          There unfortunately aren't that many great restaurants in Kelowna. I've been to Raudz before at least 5 or 6 times Good Cocktails and it is generally quite tasty but can be hit or miss sometimes,not really sure why and have never left feeling satiated however the salted caramel ice cream is great.
          Old Vines at Quails Gate is a nice choice never been for dinner yet but have been for Sunday Brunches which have always been delicious is on the pricey side does have a great view and nice ambiance.
          Wasabi Izakaya is a very nice Japanese "tapas" restaurant, Delicious food and excellent service (prob. my fave)
          There are some others which are good as well Waterfront Wine is good but limited food menu options Very nice wine and beverage list, however a few employees are less than welcoming and a bit pompous
          Right next door are a nice Cuban place Soul de Cuba is authentic good cuban food, great mojitos and great service and Bouchon's Bistro never been but heard good things.

          Near the Mission are is a nice small french bistro Le Plateau very tasty and on the new side

          1. re: Epicurean_Nomad

            FWIW I remembered this thread when the SO called for a recco in Kelowna (I wasn't near a computer) and sent him to Raudz. As a single walk in on last Friday night, he was seated at the bar in the full up room and the bartenders took great care of him. They were chuffed that he was familiar with Back Hand of God :-). He really enjoyed his arctic char though at first he was a bit taken aback by it being crusted in oatmeal. Sounds like a lovely place to dine with attentive, interested staff who are well informed about local produce and products as noted by QAW.

    2. My memories of Kelowna are weak but I KNOW I had a great time. We visited a small blues bar, had bar food and enjoyed this older gentleman (he's probably passed by now) with his guitar singing the blues. Could have been the Blue Gator. Don't know how we got home, would like to repeat that a little more resonsibly. But we had a fantastic time.

      Also don't miss the local wineries. Wonderful!! Make some time for them.

      Blue Gator Restaurant
      441 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y6L6, CA

      1. as someone who travels often - and stays at the Delta in Kelowna - the food is pretty good at that Delta. And it has a view. and if it's cold - you are nicely enclosed (maybe you are staying there? it's an ordinary kind of hotel but the service is good and friendly) they try to incorporate regional kind of things on the menu. plus, as a single female traveller I feel safe in the hotel - not like some of the downtown areas of Kelowna (Leon St?). all this said - i heard they are going to do a major reno of the restaurant, so call ahead. But i have seen the chef (one of them) come out and talk to guests about local wines etc. ps - for touring, if you have time, I always recommend a trip to Naramata (down near Penticton at the south end of Okan Lake) -- but in march, i don't know what would be open.

        1. Bouchon's was good the last time I was there (Summer 2010)

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            I live in KTown and this is our favorite place. Each time we have gone, which has to be close to 20 times now, we have had a lovely dining experience. The service is fantastic and their timing is impeccable. With complimentary bread to start and a cone of Belgian style fries which accompanies the entrees, bring your best appetite.

          2. Hi, I recently moved to Kelowna and there are a few great restaurants.
            As already mentioned there is Bouchons Bistro which is a cozy french restaurant, it is on the more expensive side but it is really authentic and delicious!

            My favourite place is Mama Rosa which is an italian joint. All the pasta is made in house, it is around 20 dollars and up an entree, but it is well worth it, just don't go there on a diet!

            I havent been able to explore much else, there is your typical Earls, Joeys, Cactus Club etc. but I suggest going to these other restaurants first. Also, Kelowna has many wineries which each have great restaurants with fantastic views! Such as Mission Hill, Sumac Ridge, and Grey Monk.

            Bouchons Bistro
            1180 Sunset Dr, Kelowna, BC V1Y9W6, CA