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Jan 8, 2011 05:56 AM

Help me with a chocolate peanut butter pie recipe!!

I went to a local inn restaurant the other day and had the most amazing chocolate peanut butter pie ever!! Literally I couldn't get enough of it. Can someone help me extrapolate what the recipe was??

I have looked online but some of the pictures look like the layers are looser than what I had. The desert had a cream colored layer, a chocolate layer and a peanut butter layer and then a chocolate ganache (I think) on top. The chocolate and peanut butter layers were on the thicker side not thin and silky. Anyone ever had something like this?

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  1. Anyone?

    It could have been classified more as a "bar" than a "pie" - although it was in the shape of a pie, it was texturally more similar to a bar. I'm just trying to figure out how to recreate the three layers and get the right texture. I don't do pastry that often so i'm a little lost. Any help?

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        it did have a crust! It was a dark chocolaty color.

      2. I made a peanut butter pie years ago that tasted like a huge reeses peices. Try Epicurious and see if it's still available. It was rich rich, but everyone loved it. If it's not there, I can look through my magazines. I have limited time, the little one has the flu AGAIN. : (

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          I will def! I've been looking all over and I just haven't found the right recipe. The thing that there seems to be a lot of online are "pies" that are smoother in texture. This definitely was thick and rich. And it had three layers - one cream, one chocolate and one peanut butter. I wonder how they made the layers so thick and rich?

          1. If you could find a picture, it would help. Thick and creamy doesn't really help narrow down what there is out there are chocolate pb pies go.