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Jan 8, 2011 03:52 AM

kiddie birthday spot?

my sons will be 2 at the end of this month and i'm having the toughest time figuring out a spot for their party.

i'd love to find a place that is casual yet really delicious, and has a room we can use that will accommodate about 25 adults + 4 toddlers. a separate room is key so that the kids can be free to bop around and i don't have to be concerned with watching their every move the entire time.

not really interested in kid-specific places, as they don't really seem to make sense unless you have a lot of kids attending the party.

i live in the maple glen area and would ideally like to keep it as close as possible... but i am open to suggestions, so long as they're not in center city or the western burbs!

would appreciate any and all ideas, thanks so much!

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  1. We had my daughters christening at From the Boot in Ambler, great food plus a private downstairs room for crazy toddlers (my daughter is 16 mos. so I completely understand toddler insanity!). Also Tamarindos will host private parties during the daytime and I beleive may even close the restaurant if its really off hours like mid afternoon (I looked into having a baby shower there a few years back). It has fun decorations and you could even do a cute Mexican theme (pinatas, etc.).

    Good luck and have fun :)