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Jan 7, 2011 11:08 PM


So, I remeber some blogger posted a place that sold bubble tea in a large cup. And its bugging me that I cannot remember. It was called the "love cup" I believe and It was like 3 cups in a jumbo cup. And it was for the price of 2 large cups. I believe this place was in Richmond. I would appreciate it If someone knew! I couldn't find it all over google or Urbanspoon!

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  1. My google search found:

    Search Results: The Love Cup (Fishbowl) at Pearl Castle
    21 Jul 2009 by Jeremy
    Pearl Castle is the best Bubble Tea place in Richmond. They offer a wide range of drinks including different milk teas, green teas, seasonal fruit juices, frappes, and house specials' such as “Young Girl's Dream” which consists of ...

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      That's what I thought too.. I've never been there and thought I was going crazy when I asked the waitress if they had it and she said no and gave me a dirty stare.. LOL
      (I was there today)

      1. re: PHODACBIET

        Well that blog post was from 2009....perhaps the economy has had them scale back their fish bowl/love cup offerings? You made me giggle with your dirty stare comment!

    2. There is a place on the east end of Alexandra Road north side that does these humongous drinks. I have a mental block about its name. fmed, we went there after S&W last year if you recall... and twinkienic betterthanbourdain, we were there last summer and dylank had one of these monsters. Anyone remember the name of it? They do thick toast and desserts as well

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          Nice one (and why do I always forget about Google Streetview?)!

          1. re: grayelf

            Thanks, I'll check out that place some time.

            1. re: PHODACBIET

              It isn't in the same league as Pearl Castle (which BTW has pretty decent savoury Taiwanese foods and hotpot - nothing revelatory, but good value and quite tasty.)