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Jan 7, 2011 09:49 PM

Stefan's on Montana doneski

Tried to go today and was welcomed with a for lease sign in the window. Place is still furnished but looks to have been cleared of all supplies except a few bottles of hot sauce

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  1. Although a "for lease" sign would tend to contradict it, Eater LA had a blurb the other day that it was just closed for a remodel to make way for wine and beer:

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    1. re: New Trial

      I saw that article too but it doesn't make sense to me why you need a full remodel to serve beer and wine. Kind of strange to me. Also, all the extant signage is down too. I am afraid it looks as if it's closed for good. Hope I'm wrong though.

      1. re: gordo26

        Is the phone number still connected?

        There are so many byzantine regulations that come along with selling any kind of alcohol that it is entirely possible that some type of remodeling is necessary for whatever wacky permitting conditions the city has imposed.

        1. re: gordo26

          Apparently the rules in Santa Monica now demand that a urinal is available in the men's room if one has a wine and beer license. Huckleberry is in the middle of remedying this same problem. They've had to suspend liquor sales until the urinal is installed.

          1. re: mnosyne

            That's exactly the sort of thing I was talking about.