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Jan 7, 2011 07:22 PM

General Tso Chicken recipe???

Recently had GTS at Szechuan Szechuan at Vaughan Mills Mall, I don't know much about Asian style cooking and was hoping for some help on both a really great recipe and perhaps some tips as to prepare this dish. Any other suggestions/recipes on szechuan style food is appreciated

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  1. Well you had an American-Chinese dish. And I mean American and not the General Tso's Chicken that was invented by a Chinese Chef (from Hunan Province) in NYC some 30 years ago. In his later years in Taipei he became horrified at what his creation had turned into. Fuchsia Dunlop offers up two versions (Original vs American) of the dish in her Hunan cookbook. Here's a start:

      1. Wow, quite the contraversy. Thanks for all the links...