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Jan 7, 2011 05:44 PM

grapefruit and black pepper - am I the only one?

I love grapefruit and freshly ground black pepper! Has anyone else tried it? SO GOOD!

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  1. hmm. I must be the only one..yer all missing out! :)

    1. maybe I should clarify - you cut a grapefruit in half and grate pepper over it - eat as you normally would. YUM!

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      1. re: chezdy

        oh ALRIGHT, I'LL TRY IT! ( :
        but this better not turn out to be how some people put salt on their fruit. which i hate.

        1. re: mariacarmen

          That's right, mariacarmen, you take one for the team! I'm not sure about grapefruit, but I do like freshly cracked black pepper on oranges, pineapple or various melons.

          1. re: bushwickgirl

            i'm going to the store shortly and will report back soon.

            1. re: bushwickgirl

              Honeydew! A nice slice of prosciutto, too.

              1. re: Bob W

                And cantalope. Strawberries are nice with a light sprinkling of black pepper btw.

        2. I love grapefruit in my green salad and I use alot of fresh ground pepper on it! Yum. Never tried it by itself like that. Interesting.

          1. alright, i did it, and the verdict is YUM. something about the bite of pepper that goes well with the bittersweetness of the fruit. of course, as soon as i tried it my sister reminded me that we had had some similar type of preparation by Daniel Patterson at Coi, here in SF. as i recall, it was something you ate but also something you dabbed on your wrist, so that you could smell it too! it was delightful, now that i remember it. so, chezdy, you and Daniel Patterson - great minds think alike. by the way, i did ruby grapefruit, since i like it better than the regular one.

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            1. re: mariacarmen

              Glad you liked it! I also use the ruby grapefruits and love to drink the peppery juice left over at the bottom of the bowl...hmmm....perhaps summer will bring peppered grapefruit granita? (drool:)

              1. re: chezdy

                A classic gelato place in Houston has served grapefruit with pink peppercorn gelato since the 80s, so you are in good company!

                1. re: cocktailhour

                  I just love crushed pink peppercorns on fruit and make a killer pink peppercorn syrup but must confess I have not yet tried peppercorns on grapefruit. I bought some this morning so I can!

                2. re: chezdy

                  Emeril Lagasse's recipe for grapefruit sorbet with black pepper ... from Martha Steward Living "The black pepper complements the sweetness, but it doesn't hit you right away. Instead, it lingers lightly at the back of the tongue"

                  Another recipe for black pepper/graefruit sorbet. The blogger candied the peals ... too bad she didn't add black pepper to that. I've had citrus chocolates with black pepper and it is a good combo

                  A grapefruit, black pepper and ginger granita

                  This person sprinkled black pepper on grapefruit muffins

                  This might be the dish from Coi
                  Pink grapefruit ginger tarragon black pepper

                  I'll have to try the virgin grapefruit sprinkled with black pepper ... when I have access to grapefruits ... and black pepper.

              2. I grew up eating grapefruit segments tossed in salt and pepper before I tried it with sweetened with sugar. I'll give it a whirl without the salt. :)