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Jan 7, 2011 01:59 PM


Where can I find Duck or Goose liver pate in or around Orlando? Needed for a Beef Wellington receipe.
Many thanks,

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  1. You can try My French Neighbor in Baldwin Park. It carries the Fouchon products.

    1. Pretty sure Whole Foods (both locations) have it. Probably would try the one on Sand Lake and Turkey Lake first.

      1. Publix carries fresh, vacuum-sealed goose liver pate in at least some of their stores in Tampa, so I doubt that Orlando would be any different. You can find it near the deli section, but not behind the deli counter. It is usually in the refrigerated stand-alone bin containing the foreign cheeses.

        1. I confirm that My French Neighbor carries Duck liver pate. It is from Rougie and we have different size and also one with truffle.
          We also can ship.
          I hope you'll enjoy your receipe.


          1. Cavallari Gourmet market in Oviedo carries 3 kinds of duck liver pate, made locally by a man in Winter Park. It's the only place I have found in Orlando which carries 100% duck can get duck/pork combo pate at both Whole Foods and Fresh Market. Perhaps Petty's meat market in Longwood also.