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Jan 7, 2011 01:51 PM

Stockbridge - good food but kid friendly

Rented a winter house and closest town is Stockbridge. Looking for a restaurant w/ great food but has to be kid friendly. Suggestions?

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  1. Welcome to the Berkshires. We end up traveling for our food. Once Upon a Table (in GB) is a great place to eat, but very small, so don't know how child friendly that would be.
    But when you check the boards for this area, you'll notice Rouge in West Stockbridge is always a favorite. Family owned, their own kids used to be at the restaurant, and children are always welcome. There are formal dining rooms, but if you eat at the bar or the new room, you can order off the formal, bar and tapas menus. Lots of choices, all good.

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    1. re: mjoyous

      I don't think Once Upon a Table in Stockbridge is kid-friendly at all.
      You might want to try the restaurant on Main Street in Stockbridge where the old market used to be.
      The place is usually full of kids,the food is good,ect.
      You might want to try Rose's in Lee,Ma. next to the Super 8 as well.
      Usually lots of kids there also and a really good breakfast.
      Salmon Run in Lee might fill your bill as well.
      Baba Louie's in GB is usually full of kids as well and their pizza is really good.
      Dakota,in Lenox,is another place tht is kid-friendly and has decent food.
      I think Rouge isn't kid-friendly at the bar but I don't know about their dining rooms.
      Call ahead to restauants and ask them before you go;that seems to be the best way to handle this.

      1. re: catnip

        We eat at Rouge about twice a month, usually in the bar, at an earlier hour when kids need to eat. Is it a "family style restaurant?" Decidedly not, but have often seen kids there and there's never been an issue. Then again, it wasn't 9 PM dining.
        Beth asked for "great food", which for me knocks Baba Louies and Dakota off the table. Rose's is not worth the haul.

        1. re: mjoyous

          Agreed..... I've taken my 3 year old and 5 year old to Rouge many a time!

          1. re: breadfan

            Thanks so much for the recommendations. My husband and I love to go out for good meals and usually have a sitter we can depend on but will not when we are up here. I hate getting "that look" when we walk in w/ kids. I totally understand "the look" believe me - I get it if you don't want kids around when you are trying to enjoy your meal. Nice to learn of a few places we can take them - and we will plan on going on the early side when the little people need to eat. thanks again.

          2. re: mjoyous

            Like you we eat at the bar at Rouge also.
            I don't think eating at the bar is the place to feed kids at Rouge.
            I'm talking eating right at the bar,not in the bar room---JMO.
            Yes, I too have seen kids eating in the dining rooms.
            As for "great food" what is great food for kids isn't necessarily "great food" for adults.
            I believe Baba and Dakota have children's menus which is much more kid-friendly than ,say,Rouge's menu.
            I interpreted her meaning of "great food" to mean a place the kids would like and,on that score,I still think Baba and Dakota would be best as they have kid offerings.

            1. re: catnip

              I agree w/ Baba Louie's and Dakota. My grandchildren enjoy dining at both places. Personally, I enjoy the pizzas at Baba Louie's, but Dakota is just "okay."

      2. I personally don't care at all for Baba Louie's pizza and the place is really dirty to boot. If you make it as far as Great Barrington Route 7 Grill, just outside of town on Main Street would be a great choice -- really good BBQ, burgers, and regular entrees.

        Route 7 Grill
        999 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230