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Jan 7, 2011 12:27 PM

Where's your "regular" spot?

I live in the Lansdale area and I know we have our “regular” spots that we go to grab a bite to eat. Nothing fancy, just good food.

Places where we’re regulars

Huey’s on Main Street Lansdale – Wednesday the special is Turkey dinner… I love their stuffing and it’s REAL turkey! Ok, so the veggie is usually over cooked and has too much butter and garlic on it, but who cares when you have that STUFFING!
Also, Clive the bartender works Wednesday nights and he’s an awesome mixologist. He specializes in the “old fashioned” style drinks. Let him be creative for you!

Friday nights, Vinny bartends… he’s got a great personality and makes a great Long Island Iced Tea! I don’t know what his secret it, but they’re better than most I’ve had (and, well, I’ve had a few LIT”s in my life)

Turkey Clubs are made from REAL turkey too, not the lunchmeat and they’re piled high
Chicken salad is home made and delicious!
Burgers are always very good
(if you’re getting anything with fries, tell them you want the fries “well done” otherwise they’ll come out looking pale and limp, sadly you have to TELL them well done fries to get nicely browned crispy fries)

Saigon@Main right across the street from Huey’s in Lansdale
I know the place gets mixed reviews here. We’ve been going since they opened and the owner treats us like old friends. Love their house three favorites appetizer platter and could scarf that as a meal to myself if I didn’t have my husband and daughter sticking their chop-sticks in to grab the beef wrapped in grape leaves, grilled meatballs and crispy spring rolls!
I also love their Deluxe Pho, but could do without the tripe in it. The tripe is like a rubber band… but the beef tendon… oh it’s almost a sexual experience for me eating Deluxe pho because of that unctuous tendon!
Their Grilled Pork Bun (vermicelli) is also REALLY good
OH and I can't forget the fish in clay pot! Oh! That's awesome
sweet/salty/spicy hits on all cylinders
put a little of the fish, some rice and a squeeze of sirachi on a spoon and pop that little bit o' love into your mouth (you'll thank me for it)

Los Sarapes, Chalfont PA
Wednesday night, is LADIES night! Cheap margaritas… and their house margarita is actually very good! I like mine blended with no salt, (I know, I know… not the way to have a REAL margarita… you say to-may-toh I say Toh-Mah_toh)
I have yet to try anything here I didn’t like
My “go to” dishes are
Carne tampaquena
Which are file strips marinated and grilled served w/ beans, rice, roasted poblanos pico de gallo and enchilada and I forget what else,

Puerco Oaxaqueno
Pork loin, so tender grilled and served in this amazingly dark colored/flavored sauce
It’s delicious, but not overpowering, you taste coffee or is that chocolate? All I know is that it tastes like MORE!

Flautas – Excellent and for the money you can’t beat the Mexican Combo platter which has enchilada, tacos and tostadas (I think beans and rice too, I could be wrong)

Ok, so give me your “regular” hangouts and tell me what you order there and why!

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  1. I like this post! I have a toddler now so I have to preface this by saying that my regular spots are much different now than they were pre-baby but here are our faves:

    Arpeggio in Springhouse - When the weather is nice the small patio is perfect for Sunday lunch, the arpeggio pizza (with whole wheat crust and fresh garlic) is the best, they do not even need to take our order when we show up. Pair it with a nice bottle of syrah, perfect Sunday!
    Wine Thief in Mount Airy - A great Sunday brunch spot, love their buffalo burder, love their steak frites, very affordable wine list so we always try a fun new carafe, great kids menu (complete with the best homemade applesauce I ever had!).
    Tamarindos - Free margaritas, nuff said! Love their pollo loco, and their cocinita pibil. They also make a great flan.
    KC's Alley in Ambler - Half price burgers on Monday and a $5 menu on Tuesday, gotta love it!

    My list was much longer pre-baby, but I digress...

    1. Great idea for a thread cgarner!
      Ray's in bluebell John and I have been going to Ray's in bluebell lately after our card tourney. They are open 24 hours. The service is friendly and attentive, and even though we get there around 11 pm my one friend manages to snag the last of the soup du jour. Last night it was chicken noodle and he enjoyed it. John got a scrapple omelette which he inhaled and I got a cheeseburger with nuttin' on it and was very satisfied. (I added a little ketchup) Last time I got a creamy chocolate shake but last night it was just too cold out so I got hot chocolate. This is the second time I've gotten the cheeseburger and they have been consistently yummy.
      Smoke Daddy's Gotta head over there soon for brisket and chicken. Smoke Daddy is experimenting with a new rub and there will be free samples of bbq spam on crackers. Plus I love his weekly newsletters.
      El Cactus in souderton Don't get there as often as I would like but I am addicted to their beef chimichangas. Could use some chicken tortilla soup tonight too. Their flan is yummy but I always have to get it to go. Friendly impressive service. As a former waitress I am in awe of how she handles so many tables with grace.
      R and S Keystone Diner Sellersville I could write pages about this place. They treat their senior citizen customers like royalty. Love almost all their soups, love their desserts, especially that bread pudding (pumpkin and regular) I usually get broiled salmon with real mashed potatoes and the salad bar, but sometimes they have a particularly yummy special. I also like their liver and onions with mashed and gravy. Their meat loaf is a bit too bland for me but they are catering to the older crowd that they cherish so. R and S is the only place I will stand in line for. They keep that line moving and it is really worth the short wait. Breakfasts are yummy too with attention to detail like bringing a little cup of apple butter with your side of scrapple. The owner can often be seen pitching in where ever needed during their rushes, seating people, taking drink orders, running the register. When she asks you how everything is she really wants to know. Thursday is prime rib night, and I think also potato soup night. Would write more but Smoke Daddy's is open despite the snow and I got me a date with some bbq.

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        Smoke Daddy's Okay the smoked barbecued spam was delicious! My heart belongs to Daddy!
        Eastern Dragon My friend and I are regulars at the Eastern Dragon in the dying towamencin shopping center. It is peaceful there, they do a lot of take out business, and the food is satisfying. When we go there we are usually in the mood for comfort food like chicken and broccoli or pork fried rice. The small order of chicken and broccoli on the to go menu is a generous meal for one at a good price.
        Thai Spice I would like to become regulars at Thai Spice in Doylestown. Their pad thai is really tasty and I think I've already mentioned the elephant shaped tea pot. But Doylestown is just a bit too far to drive there once a week what with time constraints, cold weather, price of gas blah blah blah. Gonna make an effort to go there more often as my last meal there made me really happy.
        Costco food court okay don't know how chow worthy this is but just had a very pleasant meal there, the Italian sausage sandwich with peppers and onions and my friend got the chicken caesar salad. Talk about a value meal. Costco shopping just drains me and my wallet too so sitting there on a quiet monday night and watching the other shoppers parade by with their laden carts gives my batteries a chance to recharge. And if someone sits near us with screaming kids we can always beat feet. It's no street side table in Paris but for January in the North East with only eight dollars cash on me it's the best I can do. And I managed to resist buying a thirty dollar orchid plant there even though they looked lovely.

      2. Our list is much shorter since we started weight watchers, LOL!

        East Cuisine for most of our chinese/japanese/thai cravings. we love their sushi and the thai style sweet and spicy chicken. YUM! It's also just about 5 minutes from home.

        Andy's Diner mostly for breakfast foods, but I love their soups, and their burgers. We go there enough that many of the staff recognize us - especially those who were at blue bell diner before Andy's opened.

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          Bocelli's - El Sarape but my "go-to, I want consistently good food and treated like a regular" -

          Mirna's in Blue Bell

          Always pleasant, attentive service - good food. My go to place for grabbing a bottle of wine out of the wine collection and meeting friends spur of the moment.

          1. re: Betharu

            Fellini's (Media) -- excellent italian in the heart of Delaware County. BYOB and very good service. Don't go to any of the other Fellini's in the area, because they all aren't the same. The Media location is by far the best. I am in LOOOOOOOOVE with their grilled calamari appetizer

            From the Boot (Lafayette Hills) -- Same as Fellini's, excellent Italian BYOB. It's a little loud, and it stinks they don't do resos at this location. Still haven't tried the Ambler location yet, but will eventually head out that way. Only had their pastas and as good as it gets for a suburban spot.

            Little Saigon (Upper Darby) -- This is a GOOD local place for some authentic Vietnamese food. Never busy, and the food is always consistent. I wouldn't get the pho here though, it's not as good as many other places. If you want pho, go around the corner to Cafe Anh Hong. If you want anything else, go here. Not as good as Nam Phuong or Vietnam, but beats driving into the city.

            Taqueria Moroleon (Avondale) - I consider this the best Mexican place in the area. My reg spot for mexican and I live almost 45 mins away!! Well worth the drive.

            1. re: Betharu

              Betharu, google map show's Mirna's on campus of Montco.... I've heard so many great things about this place... can you tell me where it is on 202?

              1. re: cgarner

                Well, I'm not Beth, but I go to Mirna's often, so I'll answer for her. It's on 202 right above Skippack Pike. In the same shopping center as Radicce--across from PJ Whelihan's.

                1. re: gaffk

                  Thanks gaffk! I was stuck at work all day - no Internet access!

                  Cgarner - I am sure you will love it. The food is always good - I LOVE their soft shell crabs when they are in season. The veal and pasta dishes are also excellent. The portions are very generous - always enough to bring home for lunch the next day!


                  1. re: Betharu

                    My friend's son and I are pretty addicted to their penne chicken, but really everything is good. My friend has recently been disappointed, though, as they revamped the menu and her favorite duck wrap was dropped.

                    The filet sandwich is also awesome. But for me this is pretty much a lunch spot (1/2 way between 2 sites of my company). I don't think I have ever had dinner here.

                    Beth-How's dinner? I now not only work, but live, in the area but never think of Mirna's for dinner.

                    1. re: gaffk

                      I love dinner there - am never disappointed. My good friends live up the road - off of Morris - so I usually swing by and pick them up spur of the moment. Since we are regulars - we usually get a comped appetizer or salad every visit. Sometimes, if we politely decline dessert, a piece of cake will come out anyway! I love their Veal Saltimbocca, soft shell crabs, and Penne Vodka. They also were running a great dinner special - soup, salad and entree (from a selection of 5 or so) for $19.95. Can't beat it!

                      Our sole mission for 2011 is to keep them in business - especially with the Craig Laban 3 bell favorite child in the same complex! I am sure the rent is pretty high in their space but I have heard they do a good lunch crowd as well.

                      P.S. Tell your friend to ask about the Duck Wrap - the owners are always very accomodating and maybe she could get it back!

                      P.S. Where do you live? Maybe we could organize a meetup!

                      1. re: Betharu

                        I'll have to tell my friend about the duck--we usually meet once a month for a lunch at Mirna's.

                        I'm in Montgomeryville and always looking for an excuse for a dinner out.

          2. Baja Fresh Three of us went there tonight. Was gonna try the new pho place but got outvoted. I always forget about Baja Fresh and it is a real value eatery.
            My friend got the chicken tortilla soup which was very good. Not as good as El Cactus but decent. Even came with avocado slices floating on top. I was kind of shocked.
            My other friend and I got taco platters. He got chicken and pork tacos and said the chicken taco was even better than the pork taco, and this guy is a real pork lover. I couldn't resist getting the fried mahi mahi tacos and they were tasty. There were fresh lime slices, cilantro, pineapple salsa, and a new cranberry salsa at the free salsa bar and all of us devoured our free containers of tortilla chips. They just started a special where you can get a chicken faluta for 1.49 with the purchase of an entree. The chicken falutas were tasty, freshly made and not greasy. Kudos to the management on on running a tight ship, I'll bet all the locations are not as good as the montgomeryville/north wales one.

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              A Country Place in Perkasie. NOT special, but it's nearby and cheap, and if you order carefully it's not bad. You can get a strip steak dinner with two sides for ten dollars. Salmon dinner with two sides is $7.95. Cheesesteaks are like $2.50.

            2. Blackfish on Tuesday and Smoke Daddy's on Friday or Saturday. I guess that comes as no surprise to anyone who reads this board. Clearly I need to get out more and find some restaurants for the other nights of the week.

              Come to think of it, Sunday is usually leftovers from Smoke Daddy's, so I just need to fill in Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday...

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                I have two very different 'go to' places. Chun Hing, in Bala, next to Pathmark off Monument Road is old time familiar: reliable Chinese food, same ownership for the last 40 years or so. Whenever I don't feel like cooking, this is my favorite destination. Love the pork/turnip soup, any dish with lobster when I am in splurge mood, but never doing without the best fried dumplings in or out of Chinatown.

                The other is not at all close to home: Fuji in Haddonfield is a different experience altogether. My friend and I go there often, but I wish it were more often. We sit at the sushi bar; do not order, but depend on Matt, the owner/chef to amaze us with what is fresh, unusual, whatever he is experimenting with. He knows our need to avoid certain foods; he manages to rarely serve the same dishes twice. The joy that never gets stale.