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Jan 7, 2011 12:17 PM

ISO frozen edamame that aren't grown in China

I grew edamame last summer, so I know they can grow in Ontario. The frozen edamame at Loblaw's all seem to be grown in China. I haven't checked Whole Foods lately, but last time I was there, their edamame were a product of China. Has anyone found any frozen edamame that aren't a product of China?

Has anyone seen Classen Farm's edamame sold anywhere in TO?

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  1. I saw organic edamame at Taro's today, but I didn't check to see where the beans were grown. Which doesn't really help you, does it? :)

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      Thanks, TorontoJo. Good to know there's a source for organic edamame. Will stop by Taro's next time I'm in the hood to find out where the organic ones are grown ;-)

      1. re: phoenikia

        I also saw organic edamame at The Healthy Butcher (at Ave and Eg) this weekend. I forgot to pick it up to see where it was grown, as in my head I was thinking you were looking for organic. Sigh.

        It was $5 and change for a 396 gram bag.

        Healthy Butcher
        298 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M4R, CA

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Even when it says organic, I still feel one should be careful about the country of origin.

    2. You can purchase frozen edamame Canadian / US grown at Fiesta Farms in Toronto, everything else is product of China. Hope this helps.

      Fiesta Farms
      200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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        Do you know their web site? I would like to purchase some Canada or US grown Edamame. Thanks!

      2. You can buy frozen organic, US-grown edamame at Costco....and they come in handy microwave packages. It is the best edamame that I have been able to find in Ontario.

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          Costco's Edamane has been switched to Product of China. Watch out!

        2. Where did you get the edamame seeds?

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          1. re: Herne

            I guess that should be soy bean seeds.

            1. re: Herne

              Most nurseries and garden shops with a good selection of seeds sell edamame seeds. Edamame are a larger variety of soybean than standard ON soybeans that are used for oil and other purposes.

              I have bought Urban Harvest edamame seeds on the Danforth, at the shop with the hemp clothes and earth friendly stuff on the same block as the Big Carrot, but I've found that the Urban Harvest seeds (not only the Urban Harvest edamame seeds, but also the Urban Harvest okra and string bean seeds have been weak) don't seem to germinate as well in my garden as conventional seeds by McKenzie or OSC. I would think Bill's Garden Centre on Pape would have them , as would Sheridan Nurseries or Humber Nurseries. Whole Foods is selling some seeds as well right now. I can't remember if I saw edamame seeds in the selection at Whole Foods this year.

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              Edamame seeds from Stokes seeds in St. Catherines.

            3. Trader Joe's sells edamame from Thailand.

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              1. re: netscape5

                Unfortunately, Trader Joe's doesn't sell edamame (or anything else, including the sesame almonds or those thin little chewy caramel cookies) in Canada. I wish we had a Trader Joe's, here, though!