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Jan 7, 2011 11:55 AM

Nino's Coal Fired Pizza Toms River, NJ anyone been yet?

I passed this space and was wondering if anyone has tried it yet?'s pretty new just a few months
It used to be the Athena Diner....then a Peruvian Resturant Chim Pun Callao its remodeled looks nice from outside...

1012 Cox Cro Road, Toms River, NJ

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  1. The original comment has been removed

      At the 10 second mark, they show what appears to be an over-topped and undercooked pie.

      And as someone pointed out on youtube, the street name is spelled incorrectly.

      Hopefully their pie making skills are better than their video editing and promotional skills. It actually looks inedible.

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      1. re: tommy

        tommy thanx.......thats why when I want great pizza I drive to Papas Tomato Pies In the "Burg" (Trenton)... to me nothing is better !!!

        1. re: Tapas52

          Rest assured the food pictures in that video are not related to the restaurant. Which speaks to their aspirations.

          There's still the off chance they know how to make pizza, though.

          1. re: tommy

            Tommy theres one way to find out.....give it one shot & hope for the best.

            1. re: Tapas52

              Ive been to Nino's 3 times, I live nearby. First time, I encountered a very disorganized pick up area for take out. I waited 20 minutes to pick up my order which was sitting, ready to be picked up. When we ate it at home, it was cold and not good. Second time, we did take out again, ordered early, pick up was better, food was okay at best. Third time, we ate inside and found the fried calamari to be excellent, coal fired wings to be reheated and dried out, eggplant parm sandwich to be awful and individual pizzas to be good, especially the meatball pizza.

              I can't possibly think to order off there entree menu and have asked a few friends who have been there and they say the same. I would have to say that there Black Angus steak for $20. or so is not a Black Angus steak. Why would they even offer something like that? think they should concentrate on there pizzas and forget there dinner service. Tables were not set, we had to ask for silverware, napkins etc. Owner's wife walking around in sweats and t shirt, very unprofessional. Servers were unprepared to serve the menu and say things like "There the best" I think not and do not see them in business for long.

              1. re: talldrink

                talldrink I'll give it a shot ......after 3x I guess that pretty much sums it up..
                thank you for your review.

          2. re: Tapas52

            Tapas, thanx for letting me know Papa's is still open. I am originally from Burg and went there all thru my teen years until I left Trenton. Since your post I am planning a trip up to go just to Papa's. Looking forward to a real Tomato Pie.

            1. re: Tapas52

              I was in Hamilton yesterday for a seminar. As it ended at 1, I was but 10 minutes from the GeoCenter of Pizza here in NJ - knew that DeLorenzo's was closed on Mondays.

              I was the first one 'in' at Papa's yesterday. A tomato pie with half sausage and it was heavenly. The crust, the San Marzano tomatoes, the cheese - what I brought home last night is all gone. It would have been a fine breakfast this morning :-(.

          3. ::sigh:: When I saw this last time I was in town, it broke my heart. LOVED Chim Chum Pallao. Still have their business card in my wallet to remember good times and good food. Heh.

            There are just so many good pizza places in the area, I don't know why they thought they could stand out in that spot, which I think it fairly isolated to begin with.

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            1. re: yfunk3

              I 've never been to Nino's, but curious (and working from home today) to see the website. So many misspelled words! Lack of professionalism and pride. How could you not spell Margherita correctly? How could you unveil a new menu without carefully going over each item and checking the prices? And menu states that all pasta is made fresh on the premises? That's a big statement!

            2. Gave it a try last Saturday, along with a few friends. Am the "foodie" scout for all my friends and have been wanting to get there since it opened. Some pluses/sad minuses. Upscale prices for less than middle of the road place. Ordered the Caesar salad family style. Dressing watered down but could be good if more consistency. Bread very good, waitress never asked if we wanted more. Baked lasagna & eggplant Parm excellent; overpriced for not even having a small dinner salad. Had to order the Caesar for all. Eggplant Parm served with homemade thin spaghetti that, sadly, was very much overcooked. Bolognese sauce on lasaga outstanding. OK, now for the big minuses - Ordered side order of meatballs, charged $6. and got TWO meatballs. Place is in total disarray. Mgr or wife of owner, don't know which, stands near the area of the brick oven totally disinterested in what is going on and very disheleved. Waitress was tornado in motion. Running everywhere and when did come to table, out of breath, in a hurry and not helpful. (She's the blond with her hair falling forward constantly into food she is carrying and enough eye makeup to be a standin in Burlesque). Place was mix of families, couples, seniors and strays. Pandemonium ensued on both sides of the restaurant. Seemed to be enough waitresses and ours was the only one bouncing off the walls. Most disconcerting and really took way from the experience. My advice, and I try them all, stick to Il Giardinello down the road until this place gets it together. I wish them well as some of their food was excellent.

              1. The original comment has been removed