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Jan 7, 2011 11:55 AM

One Night in Green Bay

I'll be in the Green Bay area next week for a work trip and will have 1 night free for dinner (Tuesday). It will be a coworker that I barely know and myself, with the company footing the bill. I need some suggestions for dinner that night ranging from safe to unique/ethnic since I don't know my dining companion. We're staying at the Cambria Suites near Lambeau Field and won't want to wander too far away, so let's say within 15 miles of the hotel. Let's keep entree prices under $30 so no one flags my expense report! Thanks for the help!

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  1. Disclaimer-I don't live in Green Bay, only a frequent business traveler. Titletown Brewing is your safe choice. They brew their own beer on site, most is pretty good, standard brewpub food. Hinterland is great. Very creative dishes and they source as much as they can locally. They also brew their own beer on site (ironically, the food is not brewpub food, it's pretty high level). This would be my first choice, but it will push your dollar limits. For unique, I'd look to Lorelei. It's a family run German bar/restaurant. Very solid, but definately not great German food, they make you feel like a regular, very cool. I think these places all have websites you can check out. There isn't much in the way of ethnic food, although there are some pretty solid Mexican joints around Mason and Webster. Hope that helps. Good luck!

    Titletown Brewing
    200 Dousman St, Green Bay, WI 54303

    1. I'd also recommend The Hinterland. Outstanding food. You can find entrees under the $30 limit. They use a lot of local purveyors. The atmosphere is pretty neat too.

      1. I saw Hinterland in my original search but the menu online looked like we'd be pressed to keep it under $100 for 2 with wine, tip, etc., and that is a bit too much for my company if there's no customer there. Anyway, Atlanta shut down due to the snowstorm and I haven't left the house for 2 days, so my trip was cancelled anyway. But I'll save the suggestions for whenever I reschedule! Thanks for the help.

        1. Finally had my trip this week and ended up eating at Regatta, because it was right behind our hotel and no one really wanted to venture out in the 0-deg weather. I was a bit confused by the menu because "Signature Items" were mainly gnocchi dishes, and I love gnocchi, but when I asked the server if they were made in-house she said no. Not sure why you wouldn't make your signature items from scratch? Anyway, I had walleye, which I love. The potato crust was crunchy and nice, but it didn't need the cheese sauce. Mashed potatoes were ok, but a bit heavy, but the side of sugar snap peas was very nicely cooked. My tablemates enjoyed the salmon and steak. I think it was a nice dinner for a restaurant that is just 1 month old from what I found online, but there's room for improvement and it will hopefully get better with a bit more time.

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            >> The potato crust was crunchy and nice, but it didn't need the cheese sauce.

            Welcome to Wisconsin! :)

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              I am a cheese lover - and normally I'd invite cheese most any dish - but it was just misapplied here because it made the breading soggy on an otherwise nice, light, crunchy dish. I'd rather have had cheese sauce on the side dishes (over asparagus!) or maybe mixed in to the breading for the crust (parmesan?) so it didn't take away from the crispiness.