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Jan 7, 2011 11:20 AM

Brunch options near Arrowine (Arlington)

Any suggestions for a good, low-key brunch near Arrowine/Pastries by Randolph/Lebanese Taverna Market in Arlington? Anything well-prepared and non-chain; extra points for excellent latte and interesting menu.

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    1. Cassatt's is excellent, but just a stone's throw down Lee Highway, opposite the Cherrydale Fire Station, is Portabellos. It's very much part of the neighborhood, and terrific for brunch.

      2109 N Pollard St, Arlington, VA 22207

      1. Both of the above places are indeed close, but go with low expectations in order to be well pleased. Unless you are limited, you 'll do much better at Lyon Hall in Clarendon. I tried three dishes on their brunch, each well above and beyond: the croque monsier, trout beurre noisette, and the poached eggs with bacon, spinach, and hollandaise.

        1. I like Cassats, I think it is the best option that is really close by. Lyon Hall isn't very close, and I thought my brunches there had a lot of butter and were a bit too rich for brunch, although there homemade donuts rock. If you were going to go that far, I would go to Tallula instead. Metro29 isn't that far for diner food, too, but I like Cassats better than that.

          I am very upset Eventide stopped doing brunch, it was my favorite in Arlington.