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Breaded Chicken Wings

Where can you find breaded chicken wings? I've been craving them lately, but restaurants don't seem to carry them.

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  1. I know this won't help for the GTA but I had some great breaded wings on New Years Eve at the Huether brewpub in Waterloo

    In Brampton I get my breaded wings from the Shangri-La, a dive pub that also does some pretty good takeout business

    1. I'm not sure how the stack up to others but Hooters is where we go when craving breaded wings.

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        go to wild wing, some people here hate the place because of the breaded wings, but with all the flavors of sauces, you will find something for you for sure. I love wings and this place is always decent for me, but wing snobs hate the place...

        1. re: jmarcroyal

          I don't hate wild wing because im a snob, i hate them because the portions are small and wings so expensive

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            cant argue with that, the place is way too overpriced. I kinda like ordering from Wing Machine, the wings are weighed after cooking so you get what you pay for. The wings are a bit smaller but I love em that way, well done, and the Jerk Wings are nice and hot!

            Even their plain wings are good, but I really like all of em, and they are baked not fried, fresh never frozen. I wonder if people dont talk about them on this site because its a franchise or because the wings are on the smaller side...

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              +1 for Wing Machine actually, we usually get wings here for UFC night when I've got alot of people coming over because I can feed alot of people for less money.. They're affordable and as you said the portions are definitely bigger than anywhere else. The one here in Brampton has the same owner working here since forever so its consistent, and the jerk is definitely hot just like you said.. I agree with everything you wrote

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                im surprised WM doesnt get much love around here, those Jerk wings are so good, especially with their blue cheese!

                Sometimes Ill get the plain wings and ill toss a bit of lemon juice, salt/pepper and oregano on em, damn they taste good!

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                  Ya we have tossed them (the plain wings) in homemade NY Butter sauces and other bottled wing sauces before, works great

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          Yep, I find the atmosphere at Hooter's unappealing (too loud, too frenetic), but I do enjoy their wings. Especially cause you can get wings that are actually HOT.

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            I don't like hanging at Hooters either and the service is infamously brutal. But you can get em to go!

        3. Try a Turtle Jack's location, or Tee Jay's location in Peel

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            I second the Turtle Jacks recomendation. And you have lots of choices there such as roaster or fryer wings, breaded or not and you can get them grilled on the bbq after cooking. Great wing flabours too.

          2. M&M's has some breaded chicken wings. They are fully cooked, then frozen. Just toss in the oven.

            1. Thank you so much everyone...I really appreciate all of your suggestions!

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                Try also Puck N Wings. Yonge and Finch and Bloor and Spadina.

              2. Cranberries on parliament.

                1. I'm one of the wing-snobs that thinks breaded wings are a poor 2nd-cousin to the real thing, but All-Star Wings in Richmond Hill was pretty decent for breaded wings and the 101 sauces type of thing.

                    1. re: fryerlover

                      Trade mark squatter with a bad product, IMHO.

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                        I do not like breaded wings, that said, the best (and biggest) breaded wings I have ever had were at Crown & Dragon - Yonge and Davenport across from Can. Tire. The owner also keeps a variety of great hot sauces at the bar, so order plain with sauce on the side and ask about the bottled ones at the bar. They are usually very accomodating.

                    2. Sloppy Joes has them. Iv'e been there twice the first time they were amazing. The second time not so much it turned me off that I would never go back. Check it out for yourself!

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                        What was it that turned you off about them? I'm curious as I was going to go for some later.

                        1. re: terrycar

                          The service is horrible but I don't expect much anyways considering its only a bar. What really turned A few of us off was that there was still feathers on the wings. I'm not talking about a little hair here and there because I know that is unavoidable. I'm talking about an actual feather! We complained and the answer we got from our oh so nice b**** of a waitress was ".. Ya, the feathers don't burn off in the fryer, so...". Dumb B****! Excuse my anger and language. But since when do you eat any animal with the hair still on it?

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                            That's hilarious-in a grossout kind of way. I've had their wings numerous times and that has never happened. Wow, maybe I'll just stick to the beer in future.

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                              Good choice! lol. You can never go wrong when it comes to alcohol!

                      2. I often have the same craving. I hate to admit this but the crispy wings (not tossed with sauce) at Pizza Pizza is how I satisfy mine. I don't have any complaints about them, but I may look to this thread for better options. Up to you if you agree or not, but hey they're only $4.99 for six.

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                          Oh Missmu. Please give up the PP and try some of the suggestions above. If you also ask about wing nights (many places have two a week), you can get great wings for 50 cents each.

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                            Ok, but I'll take PP over Hooter's any day for breaded chicken wings. So far most of the suggestions above aren't quite beacons of wholesomeness.

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                              I kinda like DoubleDouble's wings, and their Honey Garlic sauce is tasty(but they put a bit much sauce I think!). I think its like $7.99 for 14 wings, and their fried chicken and potato wedges are pretty good too. They also have a combo deal with 8 wings and 8 wedges(I think a pop too) for $6.99.

                                1. re: jmarcroyal

                                  WOW. Thanks for the websites FL and JMR. It's dangerous to now know one can eat cheap wings every night !

                                  1. re: PoppiYYZ

                                    I fully agree! Can't wait to dig in :)

                                  2. re: jmarcroyal

                                    That is a good site for wing purposes, however I did have issues removing my profile so I no longer use the site. It took numerous emails to get my profile removed so I am not a fan of that site anymore.

                            2. Original`s has breaded wings. They are almost decent. Everything else on the menu is truly beyond my capacity to understand the mediocrity of.

                              1. I've had some great hot big crispy breaded chicken wings at Kelseys. It can be hit and miss from store to store. In fact, one young cook put so much cinnamon in the wing sauce (he said it enhanced the heat), we had to ask for a replacement "regular" order. But they are generally good.

                                1. The Wing Co. is pretty good for breaded wings. The Buffalo is not Buffalo-ey, but they have a wide variety of flavours, they're pretty cheap and big, and they deliver.