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Jan 7, 2011 09:45 AM

Stuffed jumbo shells

I am thinking of making a vegetarian stuffed jumbo shells dinner. I was thinking of stuffing the shells with pureed butternut squash. Whenever I have stuffed shells (as with spinach) I always added ricotta to the mixture. Any thoughts on whether I should add ricotta to the butternut squash pureee? Would just butternut squash (jazzed up with nutmeg,maybe), be a good choice of filling for the shells?
Any thoughts on how to marry butternut squash and jumbo shells would be appreciated.

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  1. I like the tang of chevre with winter squash of all kinds so I would swap the ricotta out for it, add a pinch of nutmeg, s & p, some chopped walnuts or pecans, heck maybe even some chopped spinach, mix it up with an egg to be sure it sets up, and drizzle it with some sage and brown butter before serving.

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      Agreed with the chevre and sage. I also like to stir caramelized shallots into butternut squash.

    2. I sometimes add yogurt to butternut fir fillings, which lightens it .

      1. I make an all vegetable lasagne and one of the layers is butternut sqush. Its mashed with butter, and cream. I use ricotta mixed with an egg, pepper, salt and parm. Nice layering of fontinz and mozzerella, tomatoes and spinach. We love it, and the ricotta goes especially nice with the squash. I make a bechamel for the sauce part. I happen to think this lasagne is better the second day.

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          this sounds great. i would absolutely cut the squash with something like goat cheese or ricotta/egg/parm, depending on your preference. the squash alone will be too starchy.

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            You gotta make yourself happy. I like to use the butternut mashed with cream and butter because sometimes to me, when you add the egg, parm and whatever seasonings, you lose the fresh taste of the butternut squash. I keep the layers of the vegetables pretty much on their own, the ricotta is a its own layer(s). Add the bechamel as I go, then more parm and mozzerella at to top.
            I am thinking I need to make this soon.