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Jan 7, 2011 08:28 AM

Italian bakery near Richmond, VA?

Wondering if there is an Italian Bakery around Richmond, VA

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  1. don't know what you are looking for, but deluca gelato - which is AMAZING if you haven't had it - has a few italian bakery items. will think about anywhere else.

    1. 8 1/2 on Strawberry Street has topnotch cannolis, and great little cookies of layered dough over a ricotta center, as well as some dandy small loaves. Richmond is not a great bakery town, by any measure

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      1. re: szkochop

        I believe the "cookies" referred to are sfogiatelle. 8-1/2 also has great small loaves/rolls that they use for their sandwiches but also sell individually. They will also sometimes have a ricotta cake. I've had their lemon and orange versions. The lemon was heavenly and I bug them all the time to prepare it to no avail.

        1. re: hopkid

          The sfogliatelle at 8.5 are some of the best I've ever had - in keeping with their general food quality, which is superb.

          They are consistently vaguely grumpy for some reason though. no matter - it's takeout. And some of the best I've ever had.

          But there's a NON lemon ricotta pie version? How weird. I've had ten million variations on lemon, but never orange.

          1. re: BostonCharles

            Well I've only seen the orange ricotta cake there once. I'm guessing you simply use OJ and orange zest in place of the lemon equivalents.

            While not overly friendly, I've always had pleasant service there. There is a bit of Millenial angst but that's pretty prevalent in the Fan. ; )

            1. re: hopkid

              oh sure, I've no complaints about the service - nothing's ever "wrong", but they may well be the most resolutely not friendly place in richmond (as distinct from un-friendly).

              Though I could see how you could make an Orange ricotta pie, coming out of northeast italian culture its just weird.

              Don't get me wrong - 8.5 is one of the best takeout places I've ever come across, anywhere in the world. I get food from there constantly